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Ecclesiastes 4

Vanity is increased unto men by oppression,

Ecclesiastes 4:1 So I turned me, & considred all þe violent wrong that is done vnder the sunne, & beholde, the teares of soch as were oppressed, & there was no man to conforte them, or þt wolde delyuer & defende them from the violence of their oppressours. Ecclesiastes 4:2 Wherfore I iudged those that are deed, to be more happye then soch as be alyue: Ecclesiastes 4:3 yee, him that is yet vnborne to be better at ease then they both, because he seyth not the miserable worckes that are done vnder the sunne.

by envy,

Ecclesiastes 4:4 Agayne, I sawe that all trauayle, & dilygence of labour, þt euery man taketh in hande, was done of enuy agaynst his neyboure This is also a vaine thinge, and a vexacion of mynde.

by idleness,

Ecclesiastes 4:5 The foole foldeth his handes together, and eateth vp hys awne fleshe. Ecclesiastes 4:6 One hande full (sayeth he) is better with rest, then both the handes full with laboure & trauayle of minde.

by covetousness,

Ecclesiastes 4:7 Moreouer, I turned me, & beholde yet another vanyte vnder the Sunne. Ecclesiastes 4:8 There is one man, no mo but hym selfe alone, hauyng nether chylde ner brother: yet is there no ende of his carefull trauayle, his eyes can not be satysfyed with riches, For whom do I take soch trauayle? For whose pleasure do I thus consume awaye my lyfe? This is also a vayne & myserable thinge?

by solitariness,

Ecclesiastes 4:9 Therfore, two are better then one, for they maye well enioye the profyt of theyr laboure. Ecclesiastes 4:10 For If one of them fall, his companyon helpeth him vp agayne: But wo is him that is alone, for yf he fall, he hath not another to helpe him vp. Ecclesiastes 4:11 Agayne, when two slepe together, they are warme: but how can a body be warme alone? Ecclesiastes 4:12 One maye be ouercome, but two maye make resistaunce: A threfold cable is not lyghtly broken.

by wilfulness.

Ecclesiastes 4:13 A poore childe beynge wyse, is better then an olde kynge, þt doteth, and cannot beware in tyme to come. Ecclesiastes 4:14 Some one commeth out of preson, and is made a kynge: and another which is borne in the kyngdome, commeth vnto pouerte. Ecclesiastes 4:15 And I perceaued, that all men lyuynge vnder the sonne, go with þe seconde childe, that shall stonde vp in the steade of the other. Ecclesiastes 4:16 As for the people þt haue bene before him, and þt come after hym, they are innumerable: And they þt come after him shall not reioyse of him. This is also a vayne thynge & a vexacyon of mynde.

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