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Ecclesiastes 7

Remedies against vanity are, a good name,

Ecclesiastes 7:1 A Good name is more worth then a precyous oyntment, and the daye of death is better then the daye of byrth.


Ecclesiastes 7:2 It is better to go into an house of mourninge, then into a bancketinge house. For there is the ende of all men, & he þt is liuing, taketh it to hert: Ecclesiastes 7:3 grauytie is better then to laugh: for when the countenaunce is heuy, the herte is refourmed. Ecclesiastes 7:4 The hert of the wyse is in the mournyng house, but the hert of the folysh is in the house of myrth. Ecclesiastes 7:5 It is better to geue care to the chastenynge of a wyse man then to heare the songe of fooles. Ecclesiastes 7:6 For the laughinge of foles is lyke the crackynge of thornes vnder a pot. And that is but a vayne thynge.


Ecclesiastes 7:7 The wyse man hateth wronge delynge: & abhorreth the harte þt couetith rewardes. Ecclesiastes 7:8 Better it is to consydre, the ende of a thinge then the begynnynge. The pacient of sprete is better then the hye mynded. Ecclesiastes 7:9 Be not hastely angrie in thy mynde, for wrath resteth in the bosome of fooles. Ecclesiastes 7:10 Saye not þu: What is the cause, þt the dayes of the olde tyme were better, then they þt be nowe? for þt were no wyse question.


Ecclesiastes 7:11 Wysdome wt enheritaunce is good yet better is it wt them þt without care may beholde the sonne. Ecclesiastes 7:12 For wysdome defendeth as well as moneye, & the excellent knowledge & wysdome geueth lyfe vnto him þt hath it in possession. Ecclesiastes 7:13 Considre the worke of God how þt no man can make the thing straight which he maketh croked. Ecclesiastes 7:14 Use wel the tyme of prosperite, & remembre the tyme of mysfortune: for God maketh the one by the other, so þt a man can fynde nothing els. Ecclesiastes 7:15 All thinges haue I considred in the tyme of my vanite: þt the iust man perisheth for his righteousnes sake, & the vngodly lyueth in hys wyckednesse. Ecclesiastes 7:16 Therfore be þu nether to ryghteous ner ouer wyse, þt thou perishe not: Ecclesiastes 7:17 be nether to vnryghteous also ner to folysh, lest thou dye before thy tyme. Ecclesiastes 7:18 It is good for the to take holde of this, & not to let that go out of thy hand. For he that feareth God, commeth forth with them all. Ecclesiastes 7:19 Wysdome geueth more corage vnto the wyse, then ten myghtie men of the citye: Ecclesiastes 7:20 for there is not one iust vpon earth, þt doth good, and synneth not. Ecclesiastes 7:21 Take not hede vnto euery worde that is spoken, lest thou heare thy seruaunt curse þe: Ecclesiastes 7:22 for thine awne hert knoweth that þu thy selfe also hast oft tymes spoken euell by other men.

The difficulty of wisdom.

Ecclesiastes 7:23 All these thinges haue I proued in wysdome: for I thought to be wyse but she went farther fro me then she was before, Ecclesiastes 7:24 yee & so depe that I might not reach vnto her. Ecclesiastes 7:25 I applyed my mynde also vnto knowledge, & to seke & searche oute science, wysdome & vnderstanding: to knowe the foolyshnesse of the vngodly, & the errour of dotinge fooles. Ecclesiastes 7:26 And I founde, þt a woman is bytterer then death: for she hath cast abrode, her herte as a nett that men fishe with, and her handes are cheynes. Who so pleaseth God, shall escape from her: but the synner will be taken with her. Ecclesiastes 7:27 Beholde (sayeth the preacher) thys haue I diligently searched oute & proued. One thinge must be considred with another, that a man may come by knowledge: whych as yet I seke, & fynde it not. Ecclesiastes 7:28 Among a thousande men I haue founde one, but not one woman amonge all. Ecclesiastes 7:29 Lo, this onely haue I founde, þt God made man iust and ryght, but they sought many inuencions.

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