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Esther 8

Mordecai is advanced.

Esther 8:1 The same daye dyd kyng Ahasuerus geue the house of Haman the Iewes enemye, vnto quene Esther. And Mardocheus came before þe king: for Esther tolde, howe that he belonged vnto her. Esther 8:2 And the kyng put of his fynger rynge, whych he had taken from Haman, & gaue it vnto Mardocheus. And Esther set Mardocheus ouer þe house of Haman.

Esther maketh suit to reverse Haman's letters.

Esther 8:3 And Esther spake yet more before the kyng: & fell downe at his fete wepyng, & besought him, that he wold put awaye þe wickednes of Haman the Agagite, and hys deuyce that he had ymagined agaynst the Iewes. Esther 8:4 And þe kynge helde out þe golden scepter toward Esther. Then rose Esther, and stode before the kynge, Esther 8:5 and sayd: yf it please the kyng, & yf I haue found grace in his syght, and yf it be acceptable before the kynge, then let it be wrytten, that the letters of the deuyce of Hamam the sonne of Hamadatha the Agagite, maye be called agayne: whych letters he wrote, to destroye the Iewes, which are in all the kynges landes. Esther 8:6 For how can I suffre and se the euell, that shall happen vnto my people? Or how can I loke vpon the destruccion of my kynred?

Ahasuerus granteth to the Jews to defend themselves.

Esther 8:7 And þe kyng Ahasuerus sayd vnto quene Esther, & to Mardocheus þe Iewe: Behold, I haue geuen Esther þe house of Haman, whom they haue hanged vpon a tre, because he layed hand vpon the Iewes. Esther 8:8 Wryte ye also for the Iewes, as it lyketh you in the kynges name, & seale it with the kynges ryng (for the writynges that were wrytten in the kynges name, and sealed with the kynges rynge, durst no man dysanull.) Esther 8:9 Then were the kynges scribes called at þe same tyme, euen in þe thirde moneth, that is the moneth Siuan, on the thre and twentyeth daye. And it was written (accordynge to all as Mardocheus commaunded) vnto the Iewes, and to the princes, to the Debityes and captaynes in the landes which are from India vntill Ethiopia, namely an hundred and seuen and twentye landes, vnto euery one accordynge to the writing therof, & vnto euery people after theyr speche, & to the Iewes accordynge to theyr wrytinge and language. Esther 8:10 And he wrotte in þe kinge Ahasuerus name, and sealed it with the kynges ringe. And by postes that rode vpon horses, and swyfte yong Mules, sent he the wrytinges, Esther 8:11 wherin the kyng graunted the Iewes (in what cyties soeuer they were) to gather them selues together, and to stande for their lyfe, and for to rote out, to slaye, & to destroye all the power of the people and land that wold trouble them. with chyldren and wemen, and to spoyle their good Esther 8:12 vpon one daye in all the landes of kyng Ahasuerus, namely vpon the thyrtenth daye of the twelueth moneth, which is the moneth Adar. Esther 8:13 The some of the wrytynge was, how there shulde be a commaundment geuen in all landes and publisshed among all people, and that the Iewes shulde be ready agaynst that daye, and to auenge them selues on their enemyes. Esther 8:14 And so the postes that rode vpon the swift horses and Mules, made hast with all spede, to execute þe kinges worde: & þe commaundement was deuised in Susan þe chefe cytie.

Mordecai's honour, and the Jews' joy.

Esther 8:15 And Mardocheus went out from the kynge, in royall apparell of yelow and whyte, and with a great crowne of golde, beyng arayed with a garment of sylke and purple, and the cytie of Susan reioysed and was glad: Esther 8:16 and vnto the Iewes there was come lyght and gladnesse, ioye and worshippe. Esther 8:17 In all landes & cyties, into what places soeuer the kynges worde and commaundement reched, there was ioye & myrth, prosperite & good dayes among the Iewes: in somoch, that many of the people in the lande became of the Iewes belefe, and the feare of the Iewes came vpon them.

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