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Exodus 11

God's message to the Israelites to borrow jewels of their neighbours.

Exodus 11:1 And the Lorde sayde vnto Moses: yet wyll I brynge one plage more vpon Pharao and vpon Egipte: and after that, he wyll let you go hence. And when he letteth you go, he shall vtterly driue you hence. Exodus 11:2 Speake thou therfore in the eares of the people, that euery man borowe of his neyghbour, and euery womaan of her neyghboures iewels of syluer and iewels of golde. Exodus 11:3 And the Lord shall gyue the people fauour in the syght of the Egipcians. Moreouer, Moses was very great in the lande of Egipt, in the syght of Pharaos seruauntes and in the sight of the people.

Moses threateneth Pharaoh with the death of the firstborn.

Exodus 11:4 And Moses sayde: thus sayth the Lorde: At mydnight wyll I go out into the middes of Egipte, Exodus 11:5 and all the fyrste borne in the lande of Egipt shall dye, euen from the fyrst borne of Pharao þt sytteth on his seate, vnto the fyrst borne of the mayde seruaunte that is behynde the mylle, and all the fyrste gendred of the catell. Exodus 11:6 And there shalbe a great crye thorowout all the lande of Egipt, such as there was neuer none lyke, nor shalbe. Exodus 11:7 But amonge the chyldren of Israel, shall not a dogge moue his tonge, nor yet man or beast: þt ye maye knowe howe þt the Lorde, putteth a difference betwene the Egipcyans and Israel. Exodus 11:8 And these thy seruauntes shall all come downe vnto me. And fall before me, and saye: gett the out and all the people that are vnder the, and then wyll I departe. And he went oute from Pharao with an angry countenaunce. Exodus 11:9 And the Lorde sayde vnto Moses: Pharao shall not heare you, þt my wonders may be multiplyed in the lande of Egipte. Exodus 11:10 And Moses and Aaron dyd all these wonders. before Pharao. And the Lorde hardened Pharaos herte, so that he wolde not let the chyldren of Israel go out of his lande.

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