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Exodus 2

Moses is born,

Exodus 2:1 And ther went a man of the house of Leui. And toke a daughter of Leui. Exodus 2:2 And the wyfe conceaued and bare a sonne. And when she sawe that it was a proper chylde she hyd hym thre monethes.

and in an ark cast into the flags.

Exodus 2:3 And when she coulde no longer hyde hym, she toke a basket of bulrusshes and dawbed it with slyme and pytche, and layde the chylde therin, and put it in the flagges by the ryuers brynke. Exodus 2:4 And his sister stode a farre of, to wete what wold come of it.

He is found, and brought up by Pharaoh's daughter.

Exodus 2:5 And the daughter of Pharao came doune to washe herselfe in the ryuer, and hyr maydens walked alonge by the ryuers syde. And when the sawe the basket amonge þe flagges, she sent hyr mayde to fetch it. Exodus 2:6 And when she had opened it, she sawe it was a chylde: and beholde, the babe wepte. And she had compassyon on it, and sayde: it is one of the Hebrues chyldren. Exodus 2:7 Then sayde hys syster vnto Pharaos daughter: shall I go and call vnto the a nurse of the Hebrues wemen, to nurse the, the chylde? Exodus 2:8 Pharaos daughter answered her: Goo. And the mayde ranne and called the chyldes mother. Exodus 2:9 To whom Pharaos daughter sayde: Take thys chylde a waye, and nurse it for me, I wyll rewarde the. And the woman toke the chylde, and nursed it vp. Exodus 2:10 The chylde grewe, & she brought it vnto Pharaos daughter, & it was made hyr sonne, & she called the name of it Moses, because (sayde she) I toke him out of þe water.

He slayeth an Egyptian. He reproveth an Hebrew.

Exodus 2:11 And it happened in those dayes, when Moses was waxed great, that he went out vnto his brethren and loked on their burdens, & spied an Egyptian smytynge an Hebrue whych was one of hys brethren. Exodus 2:12 And he loked rounde aboute, and when he sawe no man by, he slewe the Egyptian, and hyd him in the sonde. Exodus 2:13 And whan he was gone out another daye: beholde two Hebrues stroue to gether. And he sayde vnto hym that dyd the wronge: wherfore smytest þu thy felowe? Exodus 2:14 He answered: who made the a man of auctoryte to iudge vs? Speakest thou to kyll me, as thou kylledst the Egyptian? And Moses feared & sayde: of a suertie thys thynge is knowne:

He fleeth into Midian.

Exodus 2:15 And Pharao herde of it, and went aboute to slee Moses: And Moses flyenge from the face of Pharao, dwelt in the lande of Midian, and he sat doune by a welles syde. Exodus 2:16 The preast of Midian had .vij. daughters which came and drewe water, and fylled the troughes, for to water their fathers shepe. Exodus 2:17 And the shepardes came & droue them awaye: but Moses stode vp and helped them, and watered their shepe: Exodus 2:18 And when they came to Raguel their father, he sayde: howe happeneth it þt ye are come so soone to daye? Exodus 2:19 And they answered: a man of Egypte delyuered vs from the hande of the shepardes, and so drewe vs water, & watered the shepe. Exodus 2:20 He sayde vnto hys daughters. And wher is he? why haue ye so lefte the man? Call hym that he maye eate bread.

He marrieth Zipporah.

Exodus 2:21 And Moses was content to dwell with the man. And he gaue Moses Zephora hys daughter,

Gershom is born.

Exodus 2:22 which whan she bare a sonne. called him Gerson: for he sayde: I haue bene a straunger in a straunge lande.

God respecteth the Israelites' cry.

Exodus 2:23 And it chaunced in processe of tyme, that the kynge of Egypte dyed, and the chyldren of Israel syghed by the reason of bondage, and cryed. Exodus 2:24 And their complaynt came vp vnto God from the bondage: and God hearde their mone. And God remembred hys promyse with Abraham, Isaac and Iacob. Exodus 2:25 And God loked vpon the chyldren of Israel, and God had respecte vnto them.

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