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Exodus 22

Of theft.

Exodus 22:1 If a man steale an oxe or shepe and kylle it or selle it, he shall restore fyue oxen for an oxe, and foure shepe for a shepe.

Exodus 22:2 If a thefe be founde breakynge vp and be smytten that he dye, there shall no bloude be shed for hym: Exodus 22:3 but yf the sonne be vp when he is founde, then there shalbe bloude shede for hym. A thefe shall make restitucyon: If he haue not wherwith, he shalbe solde for his thefte. Exodus 22:4 If the thefte be founde in hys hande alyue (whether it be oxe, asse or shepe) he shall restore double.

Of damage.

Exodus 22:5 If a man do hurte felde or vineyarde, and put in hys beast to fede in another mans felde: of the best of his owne felde, and of the best of hys awne vineyarde, shall he make restitucion.

Exodus 22:6 If fyre breake out and catche in the thornes, and the stackes of corne, or the stondynge corne, or felde be consumed therwith: he þt kyndled the fyre shall make restitucion.

Of trespasses.

Exodus 22:7 If a man delyuer hys neyghboure money or stuffe to kepe, and it be stolen out of hys house. If the thefe be founde, let hym paye double. Exodus 22:8 And yf the thefe be not founde, then the goodman of the house shalbe brought vnto the iudges. Whether he haue put hys hande vnto hys neyghboures good. Exodus 22:9 And in all maner of trespace, whether it be for oxen, asse, shepe, rayment or any maner of lost thynge which another chalengeth to be hys, the cause of both partyes shall come before the iudges. And whom the iudges condemne: let hym paye double vnto his neyghboure. Exodus 22:10 If a man delyuer vnto hys neyghboure to kepe, asse, oxe, shepe or whatsoeuer beast it be, and it dye or be hurte or taken awaye (and no man se it:) Exodus 22:11 then shall an othe of the Lorde be betwene them, that he hath not put hys hande vnto hys neyghbours good, and the owner of it shall take the othe, and the other shall not make it good. Exodus 22:12 And yf it be stollen from hym, then he shall make restitucyon vnto the owner therof: Exodus 22:13 If it be torne with wylde beastes, then let hym brynge recorde of the tearynge: and he shall not make it good.

Of borrowing.

Exodus 22:14 And yf a man borowe oughte of hys neyghboure, and it be hurte or els dye, and þe owner therof be not by, he shal make it good Exodus 22:15 But yf the owner therof be by, he shall not make it good: namely, yf it be an hyred thinge, and came for hys hyre.

Of fornication.

Exodus 22:16 If a man entyse a mayde that is not betrouthed, and lye with her, he shall endote her, and take her to hys wyfe. Exodus 22:17 And yf hyr father refuse to geue her vnto hym, he shall paye money accordynge to the dowrie of virgens.

Of witchcraft.

Exodus 22:18 Thou shalt not suffre a witch to lyue.

Of bestiality.

Exodus 22:19 Whosoeuer lyeth with a beest, shalbe slayne for it.

Of idolatry.

Exodus 22:20 He that offreth vnto any goddes saue vnto the Lord onely, let him be vtterly roted out.

Of strangers, widows, and fatherless.

Exodus 22:21 Uexe not a straunger, nether oppresse hym: for ye were straungers in the lande of Egypt.

Exodus 22:22 Ye shall trouble no wedowe nor fatherlesse chylde. Exodus 22:23 If ye shall trouble them, and they crye vnto me, I wyll surely heare theyr crye, Exodus 22:24 and then wyll my wrath waxe hoote, and I wyll kyll you with the swerde, and youre wyues shall be wedowes, & youre chyldren fatherlesse.

Of usury.

Exodus 22:25 If thou lende money to any of my people that is poore by the, thou shalt not be as a tyraunt vnto hym, nether shalt thou oppresse hym with vsurye.

Of pledges.

Exodus 22:26 If thou take thy neyghbours rayment to pledge, thou shalt delyuer it vnto hym agayne by that the sonne goo doune. Exodus 22:27 For that is hys coueringe onely: euen the rayment for hys skynne, wherin he slepeth. And whan he crieth vnto me, I will heare hym, for I am mercyfull.

Of reverence to magistrates.

Exodus 22:28 Thou shalt not rayle vpon the goddes nether blaspheme þe ruelar of thy people.

Of the firstfruits.

Exodus 22:29 Thy frutes (whether they be drie or moyst) se thou kepe not backe. Exodus 22:30 Thy fyrstborne sonne thou shalt geue me, lykewyse also shalt thou doo with thyne oxen and with thy shepe. Seuen dayes it shall be with the damme, and the eyght daye thou shalt geue it me.

Exodus 22:31 Ye shalbe holye people vnto me, neither shall ye eate any flesh that is toorne of beastes in the felde. But shall cast it to dogges.

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