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Exodus 28

Aaron and his sons are set apart for the priests' office.

Exodus 28:1 And take thou vnto the Aaaron thy brother and hys sonnes wt him, from amonge the chyldren of Israel, that they maye minister vnto me. Aaron, Nadab, and Abihu, Eleazar and Ithamar, Aarons sonnes.

Holy garments are appointed.

Exodus 28:2 And thou shalt make holy rayment for Aaron thy brother, that they maye be vnto glory and bewtye. Exodus 28:3 And thou shalt speake vnto all that are wise harted, and whomsoeuer I haue filled with the sprete of wysdome: that they make Aarons rayment to consecrate him with, þt he maye minyster vnto me. Exodus 28:4 These are the garmentes which they shall make, a brestlap, Ephod, a tunycle, a strayte cote, a miter and a gyrdell. These holy garmentes shall they make for Aaron thy brother and his sonnes, that they maie minister vnto me. Exodus 28:5 And lett them take golde, yelowe silk, purple, skarlet and whyte twyned silk.

The ephod.

Exodus 28:6 They shall make the Ephod of gold, yelow sylke, purple, skarlet and whyte twyned silke with broderd worke. Exodus 28:7 The two sydes shal come together, and be closed vp in the two edges therof. Exodus 28:8 And the gyrdell of the Ephod shalbe of the same workmanship, and of the same stuffe, euen of golde, yelow sylke, purple, skarlet and whyte twyned sylke. Exodus 28:9 And thou shalt take two onix stones, and graue in them the names of the chyldren of Israel: Exodus 28:10 syxe names of them in the one stone, and the other syxe in the other stone: accordynge to their byrth. Exodus 28:11 After the work of a stonegrauer, and of him that graueth signettes shalt thou graue the two stones with the names of the children of Israel, and shalt make them to be set in golde. Exodus 28:12 And thou shalt put the two stones vpon the two shoulders of the Ephod, that they maye be stones of remembraunce vnto the chyldren of Israel. And Aaron shall beare their names before the Lorde vpon hys two shoulders for a remembraunce.

Exodus 28:13 And thou shalt make hokes of golde Exodus 28:14 & two cheynes of fyne golde: link worke and wrethed, and fasten the wrethed cheynes to the hokes.

The breastplate with twelve precious stones.

Exodus 28:15 And thou shalt make the brestlap of iudgement with broderd worke, euen after the worke of the Ephod shalt thou make it: namely of golde, yelow sylke, purple, skarlet, and whyte twyned silke, shalt thou make it. Exodus 28:16 Foure square it shalbe and double, an hande brede longe, and an handbrede broade. Exodus 28:17 And thou shalt fill it with foure rowes of stones. In the first rowe shalbe a Sardions, a Topas, and Smaragdus: Exodus 28:18 in the second rowe, a Ruby, Saphir and Diamond: Exodus 28:19 in the thyrde Lygurios, an Achat, & Amatist: Exodus 28:20 in þe fourth a Turcas, Onix and Iaspis. And they shall be set in golde in their inclosers. Exodus 28:21 And the stones shalbe grauen as sygnettes be grauen wt the names of the children of Israel, euen with twelue names, euery one with his name accordyng to the twelue tribes.

Exodus 28:22 And thou shalt make vpon the brestlapp two fastenyng cheynes of pure golde & wrethen worke. Exodus 28:23 And thou shalt make lykewyse vpon the brestlap two rynges of golde: and put them on the edges of the brestlap, Exodus 28:24 and put the two wrethen cheynes of golde in the two rynges which are in the edges of þe brest lappe. Exodus 28:25 And the other two endes of the two cheynes, thou shalt fasten in two close hokes, and put them vpon the shulders of the Ephod on the foresyde of it.

Exodus 28:26 And thou shalt yet make two rynges of golde, which thou mayest put in the two edges of the brestlappe, euen in the borders therof, towarde the insyde of the Ephod oueragenst it. Exodus 28:27 And yet two other ringes of golde thou shalt make: and put them on the two sydes of the Ephod, beneth oueragaynst the brestlap, alowe where the sydes are ioyned together vpon the brodered gyrdell of the Ephod. Exodus 28:28 And they shall bynde the brestlappe by hys rynges vnto the ringes of the Ephod with a lace of yelow silke, that it maye lye closse aboue the broderd gyrdell of the Ephod, and that the brestlap be not losed from the Ephod. Exodus 28:29 And Aaron shall beare the names of the chyldren of Israel in the brestlapp of iudgement vpon his hert, when he goeth into the holy place for a remembraunce before the Lorde allwaye.

The Urim and Thummim.

Exodus 28:30 And thou shalte put in the brestlappe of iudgement Urim and Thumin: and they shalbe euen upon Aarons hert, when he goeth in before the Lord: and Aaron shall beare the iudgement of the children of Israel vpon his herte before the Lorde allwaye.

The robe of the ephod, with pomegranates and bells.

Exodus 28:31 And thou shalt make the tunycle vnto the Ephod altogether of yelow sylke. Exodus 28:32 And ther shalbe an hole for the heed in the myddes of it, hauyng a bonde of wouen worke rounde about the coler of it (as it were the coller of a partlet) that it rent not.

Exodus 28:33 And beneth vpon the hem, thou shalt make pomgranates of yelow sylke and of purple and skarlet, round about the hem, Exodus 28:34 and belles of golde betwene them rounde about: and lett there be euer a golden bell and a pomgranate, a golden bell and a pomgranate, rounde about vpon the hem of the tunycle. Exodus 28:35 And Aaron shall haue it vpon him, when he ministreth, and the sounde shalbe hearde, when he goeth into the holy place before the Lorde, & when he commeth out, and he shall not dye.

The plate of the mitre.

Exodus 28:36 And thou shalt make a plate of pure gold, and graue theron, as sygnettes are grauen. The holynesse of the Lorde, Exodus 28:37 and put it on a yelow sylke lace to be vpon the mytre, euen vpon the forefront of it. Exodus 28:38 And it shalbe vpon Aarons foreheede: that Aaron maye beare the synne of the holy thynges which the chyldren of Israel halowe in all theyr holye gyftes. And it shalbe allwayes vpon his foreheed, for the reconcylynge of them before the Lorde.

The embroidered coat.

Exodus 28:39 And thou shalt make a lynnen cote, and thou shalt make a mytre of lynnen and a girdell of nedle worke.

The garments of Aaron's sons.

Exodus 28:40 And thou shalt make for Aarons sonnes also cotes, gyrdelles and bonettes, glorious and bewtyfull: Exodus 28:41 and thou shalt put them vpon Aaron thy brother, and on hys sonnes with him: and shalt anoynte them, and fyll their handes, and sanctifye them, that they maye ministre vnto me. Exodus 28:42 And thou shalt make them lynnen breches to couer their preuityes, from the loynes vnto þe thies shall they reach. Exodus 28:43 And they shalbe vpon Aaron and his sonnes, when they come into the tabernacle of witnes, or when they come vnto the aultare to minister in holynesse, that they beare no sinne, and so dye. And it shalbe a lawe for euer vnto Aaron and his seed after him.

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