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Ezekiel 14

God answereth idolaters according to their own heart.

Ezekiel 14:1 There resorted vnto me certayne of the elders of Israel, & sat downe by me. Ezekiel 14:2 Then came the worde of þe Lorde vnto me, sayeng: Ezekiel 14:3 Thou sonne of man, these men beare their vnclennes in theyr hertes, and go purposly vpon the stomblynge blocke of theyr awne wyckednesse: shulde I then answer at their request? Ezekiel 14:4 Therfore speake vnto them, & saye: thus sayeth the Lorde God: Euery man of the house of Israel that beareth hys vncleane Idols in hys herte, purposynge to stomble in hys awne wyckednesse, and commeth to a prophet, to enquere eny thinge at me by him: vnto that man wyll I the Lorde myselfe geue answere, accordynge to the multitude of hys Idols: Ezekiel 14:5 that the house of Israel maye be snared in their awne hertes, because they be clene gone fro me, for their abhominacions sakes.

They are exhorted to repent, for fear of judgments, by means of seduced prophets.

Ezekiel 14:6 Wherfore, tell the house of Israel: thus sayeth the Lorde God: Be conuerted, forsake youre Idols, and turne youre wyues from youre fylthynesse, and turne youre faces from all youre abhominacions. Ezekiel 14:7 For euery man, (whether he be of the house of Israel or a straunger, þt sogeourneth in Israel) whych departeth fro me, and caryeth Idols in hys herte, purposynge to go styll stomblyng in his awne wyckednesse, and commeth to a Prophet, for to aske councell at me thorow hym: vnto that man will I the Lord geue answere, by myne awne selfe. Ezekiel 14:8 I wyll set my face agaynst that man, and wyll make hym to be an example for other, yee, and a comen byworde: and wyll rote him out of my people, that he may know, how that I am the Lorde. Ezekiel 14:9 and yf that Prophete be disceaued, when he telleth hym a worde: then I the Lorde my selfe haue disceaued that Prophet, and wyll stretch forth myne hande vpon hym, to rote hym out of my people of Israel: Ezekiel 14:10 and they both shalbe punyshed for theyr wyckednes. Accordynge to the synne of hym that asketh, shall the synne of the Prophete be: Ezekiel 14:11 that the house of Israel be led nomore fro me thorowe erroure, and be no more defyled in their wyckednesse: but that they maye be my people, & I theyr God, sayeth the Lorde God.

God's irrevocable sentence of famine,

Ezekiel 14:12 And the worde of the Lord came vnto me, sayenge: Ezekiel 14:13 Thou sonne of man, when the lande synneth agaynst me, & goeth forth in wyckednesse: I will stretch out myne hande vpon it, & destroye all the prouisyon of their bred, and sende derth vpon them, to destroye man & beest in the lande. Ezekiel 14:14 And though Noe, Daniel & Iob, these thre men were amonge them, yet shall they in their ryghtuousnesse delyuer but their awne soules, sayeth þe Lorde God.

of noisome beasts,

Ezekiel 14:15 If I brynge noysome beastes into the lande, to waste it vp, & it be so desolate, that no man may go therin for beastes: Ezekiel 14:16 yf these thre men also were in the lande, as truly as I lyue (sayeth þe Lorde God) they shall saue nether sonnes ner daughters, but be only delyuered them selues: and as for the lande, it shall be waste.

of the sword,

Ezekiel 14:17 Or yf I brynge a swearde into the lande, & charge it to go thorowe the lande: so that I slaye downe man & beast in it, Ezekiel 14:18 & yf these thre men were therin: As truly as I lyue (sayeth þe Lorde God) they shall delyuer nether sonnes ner daughters, but only be saued them selues.

and of pestilence.

Ezekiel 14:19 If I sende a pestilence into the lande, & poure out my sore indignacyon vpon it in bloude, so that I rote out of it both man and beast. Ezekiel 14:20 And yf Noe, Daniel & Iob were therin: as truly as I lyue (sayeth þe Lorde God) they shall delyuer nether sonnes ner daughters, but saue their awne soules in their rightuousnes. Ezekiel 14:21 Moreouer, thus sayeth the Lorde God: Moch more when I sende my foure troublous plages vpon Ierusalem: the swearde honger, perlous beastes & pestylence, to destroye man and beast out of it.

A remnant shall be reserved for example of others.

Ezekiel 14:22 Beholde ther shall be a remnaunt saued therin, which shall bringe forth their sonnes and daughters. Beholde, they shall come forth vnto you, and ye shall se their waye, and what they take in hande, and ye shall be comforted, as touchinge all the plages that I haue brought vpon Ierusalem. Ezekiel 14:23 They shall comforte you, when ye se their waye and worckes: and ye shall knowe, howe that it is not without a cause, that I haue done so agaynst Ierusalem, as I dyd, sayeth the Lorde God.

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