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Ezekiel 22

A catalogue of sins in Jerusalem.

Ezekiel 22:1 Moreouer, the worde of þe Lorde came vnto me, & sayde: Ezekiel 22:2 thou sonne of man, wylt thou not reproue thys bloudthurstye cyte? Shew them their abhominacyons, Ezekiel 22:3 and tell them: Thus sayeth the Lorde God: O thou cyte, that sheddest bloude in þe myddest of þe, that thy tyme maye come also: & makest the Idoles to defyle the wythall. Ezekiel 22:4 Thou hast made thy selfe gylty, in þe bloude þt thou hast shed: and defyled the in the Idoles, which thou hast made. Thou hast caused thy dayes to drawe nye, & made the tyme of thy yeares to come. Therfore wyll I make the to be confounded amonde the Heathen, & to be despysed in all the landes, Ezekiel 22:5 whether they be nye or farre from the: they shall laugh the to scorne, thou that hast gotten the so foule a name, & art full of myschefe. Ezekiel 22:6 Beholde, the rulers of Israel haue brought euery man hys power, to shed bloude in the. Ezekiel 22:7 In the haue they despysed father & mother, in þe haue they oppressed the straunger, in the haue they vexed the wydowe and the fatherlesse. Ezekiel 22:8 Thou hast despysed my Sanctuary, and vnhalowed my Sabbath. Ezekiel 22:9 Murtherers are there in the, that shede bloude, & eate vpon the hylles, and in the they vse abhominacyon. Ezekiel 22:10 In þe haue they discouered their fathers shame, in the haue they vexed wemen in their sicknesse. Ezekiel 22:11 Euery man hath dealte shamefully with his neyghbours wyfe, & abhominably defyled hys daughter in lawe. In the hath euery man forced his awne syster, euen his fathers daughter: Ezekiel 22:12 yee, gyftes haue bene receaued in the, to shede bloude. Thou hast taken vsury and encreace, thou hast oppressed thy neyghbours by extorcyon, and forgotten me, sayeth the Lorde God.

God will burn them as dross in his furnace.

Ezekiel 22:13 Beholde, I haue smyten my handes vpon thy couetousnesse, that thou hast vsed, and vpon the bloude whych hath bene shed in the. Ezekiel 22:14 Is thy herte able to endure it, or may thy handes defende them selues, in the tyme þt I shall brynge vpon the? Euen I the Lorde that speake it, wyll brynge it also to passe. Ezekiel 22:15 I wyll scatre the amonge the Heathen, & strowe the aboute in the landes, & wyll cause thy fylthynesse to ceasse out of the: Ezekiel 22:16 yee, and thou shalt be thyne awne enheritaunce & not myne in the syght of the Heathen, that thou mayest knowe, that I am the Lorde. Ezekiel 22:17 And the worde of the Lorde came vnto me, sayinge: Ezekiel 22:18 Thou sonne of man, the house of Israel is turned to drosse. All they þt shulde be brasse, tynne, yron, & leade, are in þe fyre become drosse. Ezekiel 22:19 Therfore, thus sayeth þe Lord God. For so moche as ye all are turned in to drosse, beholde: I wyll brynge you together vnto Ierusalem, Ezekiel 22:20 lyke as syluer, brasse, yron, tynne and leade are put together in the fornace, and the fyre blowen there vnder to melt them. Euen so will I gather you, put you in together, and melt you in my wrath & indignacyon. Ezekiel 22:21 I wyll brynge you together, and kyndle the fyre of my cruell displeasure vnder you, that ye maye be melted therin. Ezekiel 22:22 Lyke as the syluer is melted in the fyre, so shall ye also be melted therin: that ye maye knowe, howe that I the Lorde haue powred my wrath vpon you.

The general corruption of prophets, priests, princes, and people.

Ezekiel 22:23 And the worde of þe Lorde came vno me, sayinge. Ezekiel 22:24 Thou sonne of man, tell her. Thou art an vnclene lande, which is not rayned vpon in the daye of þe cruell wrath: Ezekiel 22:25 thy Prophetes that are in the, are sworne together to deuoure soules, lyke as a roarynge Lyon, þt lyueth by his praye. They receaue ryches and good, & make many wyddowes in the. Ezekiel 22:26 Thy prestes breake my lawe, and defyle my Sanctuary. They put no difference betwene the holye & vnholye, nether discerne betwene þe cleane & vncleane: they turne their eyes fro my sabbathes, & I am vnhalowed amonge them. Ezekiel 22:27 Thy rulers in the are lyke rauyshynge wolues, to shed bloude, and to destroye soules, for their awne couetous lucre. Ezekiel 22:28 As for thy Prophetes, they dawbe with vntempered claye, they se vanytyes, and prophecye lyes vnto them, sayinge: þe Lorde God sayeth so, where as the Lorde hath not spoken. Ezekiel 22:29 The people in the lande vseth wycked extorcyon & robbery. They vexe the poore & nedye and oppresse the straunger agaynst ryght. Ezekiel 22:30 And I sought in the lande for a man, that wolde make vp the hedge, and sett him selfe in the gappe before me in the landes behalfe, þt yt shulde not be corrupted: but I could fynde none. Ezekiel 22:31 Therfore, I will poure out my cruell dyspleasure vpon them, & burne them in the fyre of my wrath: theyr awne wayes will I recompence vpon theyr heades saieth þe lord God.

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