Great Bible

Ezekiel 25

God's vengeance, for their insolency against the Jews, upon the Ammonites,

Ezekiel 25:1 The worde of the Lord came vnto me, sayenge: Ezekiel 25:2 Thou sonne of man, set thy face agaynst the Ammonytes, prophecye vpon them, Ezekiel 25:3 and saye vnto the Ammonytes: heare the worde of þe Lord God. Thus sayeth þe Lord God: For so moch as thou speakest ouer my sanctuary. A, ha, I trowe it be nowe suspended: & ouer the land of Israel, I trowe it be now desolat, yee, & ouer þe house of Iuda, I trowe they be now led a waye presonners: Ezekiel 25:4 Behold, I will delyuer the to the people of þe east, þt they maye haue þe in possession: these shall set theyr castels and houses in the. They shall eate thy frute, & dryncke vp thy milcke. Ezekiel 25:5 As for Rabath, I will make of it a stal for camels, and of Ammon a shepefolde: and ye shall knowe that I am the Lorde. Ezekiel 25:6 For thus sayeth þe Lord God: In so moch as thou hast clapped with thyne handes, & stamped with thy fete, yee, reioysed in thyne herte ouer the lande of Israel with despite: Ezekiel 25:7 beholde, I will stretch out myne hande ouer the also, and delyuer the, to be spoyled of the Heathen, and rote the out from amonge the people, and cause the to be destroyed oute of all landes: yee, I will make the to be layed waste, that thou mayest knowe, that I am the Lorde.

upon Moab and Seir,

Ezekiel 25:8 Thus sayeth the Lord God: For so moch as Moab & Seir do saye: As for þe house of Iuda, it is but lyke as all other Gentyles be: Ezekiel 25:9 Therfore beholde, I will open þe syde of Moab, & take awaye theyr strength, their cyties & chefe coastes of theyr lande, which are þe pleasures of þe countre. As namely. Bethiesimoth, Baalmeon and Cariathaim: Ezekiel 25:10 these will I open vnto them of the east, þt they maye fall vpon þe Ammonites: & will geue it them in possession: so þt the Ammonites shall nomore be had in remembraunce amonge þe Heathen Ezekiel 25:11 Euen thus will I punysh Moab also, that they maye know, how þt I am the Lorde.

upon Edom,

Ezekiel 25:12 Moreouer, thus sayeth þe Lord God: Because that Edom hath auenged and eased hym selfe vpon the house of Iuda, and haue done great offence & auenged him selfe vpon them Ezekiel 25:13 therfore, thus sayeth the Lord: I will reach out myne hande vpon Edom, & take awaye man & beast out of it. From Theman vnto Dedan will I make it desolate, they shall be slayne wt the swerde. Ezekiel 25:14 Thorow my people, of Israel will I auenge me agayne vpon Edom they shall handle him, according to my wrath and indygnacyon, so that they shall knowe my vengeaunce, sayeth the Lorde God.

and upon the Philistines.

Ezekiel 25:15 Thus sayeth the Lord God: For so moch as the Philistines haue done this: namely taken vengeaunce with despytefull stomackes, and of an olde euell will set them selues to destroye. Ezekiel 25:16 Therfore, thus sayeth þe Lord God: Behold, I will stretch out myne hand ouer þe Philistynes, & destroye þe destroyer, and cause all the remnaunt of the see coast, to perysh. Ezekiel 25:17 A great vengeaunce wyll I take vpon them, and punysh them cruelly: þt they maye knowe, how that I am the Lord, which haue auenged me of them.

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