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Ezekiel 4

Under the type of a siege is shewed the time from the defection of Jeroboam to the captivity.

Ezekiel 4:1 Thou sonne of man: take a tyle stone, & laye it before the, and descrybe vpon it the cytie of Ierusalem, Ezekiel 4:2 howe it is beseged, howe bulwarkes and stronge dyches are grauen on euery syde of it: descrybe also tentes, and an hoost of men rounde aboute it. wyth engynes of warre. Ezekiel 4:3 Moreouer, take an yron panne, and set it betwixte the and the cyte, in steade of an yron wall. Then set thy face toward it, besege it, and laye ordinaunce agaynst it, to wynne it. Thys shalbe a token vnto the house of Israel. Ezekiel 4:4 But thou shalt slepe vpon thy left syde, and laye the synne of the house of Israel vpon the. Certayne dayes appoynted, thou shalt slepe vpon that syde, and beare their synnes. Ezekiel 4:5 Neuerthelesse, I will appoynte the a tyme (to put of theyr synnes) & the nombre of the dayes: Thre hundreth and .xc. dayes must thou beare the wyckednesse of the house of Israell. Ezekiel 4:6 When thou hast fulfylled these dayes lye downe agayne, and slepe vpon thy ryght syde .xl. dayes, and beare the synnes of the house of Iuda. A daye for a yeare, a daye (I saye) for a yeare, wyll I euer laye vpon the. Ezekiel 4:7 Therfore set nowe thy face agaynst that beseged Ierusalem, and discouer thyne arme, that thou mayest prophecye agaynst it. Ezekiel 4:8 Beholde, I wyll laye chaynes vpon the, that thou shalt not turne the from one syde to another, tyll thou hast ended the dayes of thy sege.

By the provision of the siege is shewed the hardness of the famine.

Ezekiel 4:9 Wherfore, take vnto the wheate, barly beanes, growell sede, Milium and fytches: and put these together in a vessel, and make the loaues of bread therof, accordynge to the nombre of the dayes that thou must lye vpon thy syde: that thou mayest haue bread to eate, for thre hundreth and .xx. dayes. Ezekiel 4:10 And the meate that thou eatest, shall haue a certayne wayght appoynted: namely twentye sycles euery daye. Thys apoynted meate shalt thou eate daylye, from the begynnynge to the ende. Ezekiel 4:11 Thou shalt dryncke also a certayne measure of water: Namely, the syxt parte of an Hin shalt thou dryncke dayly from the begynnyng vnto the ende. Ezekiel 4:12 Barly cakes shalt thou eate, yet shalt thou fyrst tost them at a fyre made with mans donge, that they maye se it. Ezekiel 4:13 And with that sayde the Lorde: Euen thus shall the chyldren of Israel eate their defyled bread in the myddest of the Gentiles, amonge whom I wyll scatre them. Ezekiel 4:14 Then sayde I: Oh Lorde God. Beholde my soule was yet neuer stayned: for fro my youth vp vnto this houre, I dyd neuer eate of a deed carcase, or of that which was slayne of wylde beastes, nether came there euer eny vncleane fleshe in my mouth. Ezekiel 4:15 Wher vnto he answered me, and sayde: well than, I wyll graunte þe to take cowes donge for the donge of a man, and to toste the bread wyth all before them. Ezekiel 4:16 And he sayde vnto me: Beholde thou sonne of man, I wyll mynishe all the prouision of bread in Ierusalem, so that they shall weye their bred: and eate it with scarcenesse. But as for water, they shall haue a very lytle measure therof, to drincke. Ezekiel 4:17 And when they haue nomore bread ner water, one shall be destroyed with another, and famysh awaye for theyr wyckednesse.

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