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Ezekiel 44

The east gate assigned only to the prince.

Ezekiel 44:1 After this, he brought me againe to the outwarde dore of the sanctuary on the east syde, and that was shut. Ezekiel 44:2 Then sayd þe Lord vnto me: This dore shalbe styll shut: & not opened for eny man to go thorowe it: but only for þe Lorde God of Israel: yee, he shall go thorowe it, els shall it be shut styll. Ezekiel 44:3 The prince hym selfe shall come thorowe it, that he maye eate bread before the Lorde. At the porche shall he come in, and there shall he go out againe.

The priests reproved for polluting of the sanctuary.

Ezekiel 44:4 Then brought he me to the dore vpon the north syde of the house. And as I loked aboute me, beholde, the glory of the Lord fylled the house: and I fell downe vpon my face. Ezekiel 44:5 So the Lorde spake vnto me: O þu sonne of man, fasten thys to thyne herte: beholde, and take diligent hede to all þt I wyll saye vnto the, concernyng all the ordynaunces of the Lord, & all his lawes: pondre well with thyne hert the commynge in of the house and the goyng forth of the sanctuary: Ezekiel 44:6 & tell that obstynate housholde of Israell. Thus sayth the Lorde God: O house of Israel, ye haue nowe don ynough withall your abhominacyons, Ezekiel 44:7 seyng that ye haue brought into my sanctuary straungers, hauyng vncircumcysed hertes and fleshe, where thorowe my sanctuary is defyled, when ye offre me bread, fatt, and bloude. Thus with all youre abhominacions ye haue broken my couenaunt, Ezekiel 44:8 and not kepte the holy ordynaunces of my sanctuary: but sett kepers of my sanctuary, euen after youre awne mynde.

Idolaters uncapable of the priest's office.

Ezekiel 44:9 Therfore thus sayth the Lorde God: Of all the straungers that dwell among the chyldren of Israel, no straunger (whose hert and fleshe is not circumcised) shall come within my sanctuary. Ezekiel 44:10 No, ner the leuites that ben gone backe fro me: and haue disceaued the people of Israel with all erroures, goyng after theyr ydoles: therfore shall they beare their awne wyckednes. Ezekiel 44:11 Shulde they be set and ordeined to ministre vnder the dores of the house of my sanctuary? And to do seruyce in the house: to slaye burntofferynges and sacrifyces for the people: to stande before them, and to serue them, Ezekiel 44:12 seynge the seruyce that they do them, is before theyr ydoles, and cause the house of Israel to stomble thorowe theyr wickednes? For the which cause I haue pluckte oute myne hande ouer them, sayth the Lorde, so þt nowe they must beare theyr awne iniquitie, Ezekiel 44:13 and not to come nye me, to serue me with theyr presthode, in my sanctuary, and moost holyest of all: that they maye beare theyr awne shame and abhominations, which they haue done. Ezekiel 44:14 Shulde I vse them to be porters of the house, and to all the seruyce that is done therin?

The sons of Zadok are accepted thereto.

Ezekiel 44:15 But the prestes, the leuites, the sonne of Sadoch, that kepte the holy ordynaunces of my sanctuary, when the chyldren of Israel were gone fro me, shall come to me, to do me seruyce, to stande before me, and to offre me the fat and the bloude, sayth the Lorde God. Ezekiel 44:16 They shall go into my sanctuary, and treade before my table: to do me seruyce, and to wayte vpon myne ordynaunces.

Ordinances for the priests.

Ezekiel 44:17 Nowe when they go in at þe dores of the ynnermer court: they shall put on lynen clothes, so that no wollyne come vpon them whyle they do seruice vnder the dores of þe innermer court, and within. Ezekiel 44:18 They shall haue fayre linen bonettes vpon their heades, and lynen breches vpon their loynes, which in their labour they shall not put about them. Ezekiel 44:19 And when they go forth to the people into the outwarde court, they shall put of the clothes wherin they haue ministred, and laye them in the habitation of the sanctuary, and put on other apparell, lest they vnhalowe the people with theyr clothes. Ezekiel 44:20 They shall not shaue theyr heades, ner norysh the bushe of theyr heare, but rounde theyr heades onely. Ezekiel 44:21 All the prestes that go into the inmost court, shall dryncke no wyne. Ezekiel 44:22 They shall mary no wedowe, nether one that is put from her husbande: but a mayde of the seede of the house of Israel, or a wedowe that hath had a preste before. Ezekiel 44:23 They shall shewe my people the difference betwene the holy and vnholy, betwixt the cleane and vncleane. Ezekiel 44:24 If any discord arise, they shall discerne it: & geue sentence after my iudgementes. My solempne feastes, my lawes and ordinaunces shall they kepe, and halowe my sabbathes. Ezekiel 44:25 They shall come at no deed persone to defyle them selues, except it be father or mother, sonne or daughter, brother or syster, that hath had yet no husbande, in soch maye they be defyled. Ezekiel 44:26 And when he is clensed, ther shalbe rekened vnto him .vij. dayes: Ezekiel 44:27 and yf he go into þe sanctuary agayn to do seruice, he shall bring a synoffering, sayth the Lorde God. Ezekiel 44:28 They shall haue an heritage: yee, I my selfe wyll be their heritage: els shall ye geue them no possession in Israel, for I am their possessyon. Ezekiel 44:29 The meatofferynges, synofferyng and trespaceofferinge shall they eate, & euery dedicate thynge in Israel, shalbe theyrs. Ezekiel 44:30 The fyrstlinges of all the fyrst frutes, and all frewyllofferinges shalbe the prestes. Ye shall geue vnto the preste also all the fyrst frute of your first borne, all I say, & all that is separated vnto God, all youre heueofferinges (I saye) shalbe the prestes, & also þe fyrstlinges of your dough, þt God maye prospere the residue. Ezekiel 44:31 But no deed caryon shall the prest eate, ner soch as is deuoured of wilde beastes, foules or catell:

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