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Ezekiel 45

The portion of land for the sanctuary,

Ezekiel 45:1 When ye deuyde the lande by the lot, ye shall put asyde one parte for the Lorde, to be holy from other landes: namely .xxv.M. meteroddes longe, and .x.M. broade. This shalbe holy, as wyde as it is rounde about. Ezekiel 45:2 Of thys parte there shall belonge vnto the sanctuary .v.C. meteroddes in all the foure corners, & .l. cubites wyde rounde about to the suburbes Ezekiel 45:3 And from this measure, namely of .xxv.M. meteroddes longe, & .x.M. broade, thou shalt measure, wherin the sanctuary and the holyest of all maye stande. Ezekiel 45:4 The resydue of that holy grounde shalbe the prestes, which do seruyce in the sanctuary of the Lorde, and goo in before the Lorde to serue hym, that they maye haue rowme to dwell in. Ezekiel 45:5 As for the sanctuary, it shall stande for it selfe: and to the leuites that serue in the house, there shalbe geuen .xx. habitatyons, of the .xxv.M. length and .x.M. bredth:

for the city,

Ezekiel 45:6 ye shall geue also vnto the citye a possession of .v.M. meteroddes brode, and .xxv.M. longe, beside the parte of the sanctuary: that shalbe for the whole house of Israel.

and for the prince.

Ezekiel 45:7 Upon both the sydes of the sanctuaryes parte, and by the cytie, there shalbe geuen vnto the prince, whatsoeuer lyeth oueragaynst the citye, as farre as reacheth westwarde & eastwarde: which shalbe as longe as one parte, from the west vnto the east. Ezekiel 45:8 This shalbe hys awne lande in Israel, þt my prynces be nomore chargeable vnto my people. And soch as remayneth yet ouer in þe lande, shalbe geuen to the house of Israel according to theyr tribes.

Ordinances for the prince.

Ezekiel 45:9 Thus sayth þe Lord God: O ye princes, ye haue nowe oppressed and destroyed ynough: nowe leaue of, handle nowe according to the thinge þt is equall and lawfull: & thrust out my people nomore sayth the Lorde God. Ezekiel 45:10 Ye shall haue a true weyght, a true ephah, and a true bath. Ezekiel 45:11 The ephah and the bath shalbe a lyke. One bath shall conteyne the tenth parte of an homer, and so shall one ephah do: their measure shall be after the homer. Ezekiel 45:12 One syckle maketh .xx. geras. So twentye sycles, and .xxv. and .xv. sycles make a pounde. Ezekiel 45:13 Thys is the heaueofferynge, that ye shall geue to be heaued: namely, the .xvj. parte of an ephah, out of an homer of wheate, and the .xvj. parte of an ephah, out of an homer of barly. Ezekiel 45:14 The oyle shalbe measured with the bath: euen the tenth parte of one bath out of a cor. Ten bathes make one homer: for one homer fylleth ten bathes. Ezekiel 45:15 And one lambe from two hundred shepe out of the pasture of Israel: for a meatofferyng, burntofferyng, and healthofferyng, to reconcyle them, sayth the Lorde God. Ezekiel 45:16 All the people of the lande shall geue thys heaueofferynge with a fre wyll. Ezekiel 45:17 Agayne, it shalbe the princes parte to offre burntofferynges, meateofferinges & drinckofferinges vnto the Lord, in the holy dayes, newe moones, sabbathes, and in all the hye feastes of the house of Israel. The synoffering, meateofferyng, burntoffring & healthofferyng shall he geue to reconcyle the house of Israel. Ezekiel 45:18 Thus sayth the Lorde God: The fyrst daye of the first moneth thou shalt take a yonge bullocke without blemysh, and clense the sanctuarye. Ezekiel 45:19 So the preste shall take of the bloude of the synofferyng, and sprynckle it vnto the postes of the house, and vpon the foure corners of the aulter, with the dorepostes of the ynnermer courte. Ezekiel 45:20 And thus shalt thou do also the seuenth daye of the moneth (for soch as haue synned of ignoraunce, or beynge disceaued) to reconcyle the house wt all. Ezekiel 45:21 Upon the .xiiij. daye of the fyrst moneth, ye shall kepe easter. Seuen dayes shall the feaste contynue, wherin there shall no sowre ner leuened breed be eaten. Ezekiel 45:22 Upon the same daye shall the prince geue for him selfe & all the people of the lande, a bullocke for a synofferyng. Ezekiel 45:23 And in the feast of the seuen dayes he shall offre euery daye a bullocke and a ram, þt are without blemysh, for a burntoffering vnto þe Lorde: and an hegoate daylye for a synoffering. Ezekiel 45:24 For þe meatofferynges he shall geue euer an ephah to a bullocke, an ephah to a ram, and an hyn of oyle to an ephah. Ezekiel 45:25 Upon the fyftenth daye of the seuenth moneth, he shall kepe the seuen dayes holy, one after another, euen as the other seuen dayes: wt the synoffering, burntoffering, meatoffering, and with the oyle.

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