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Ezekiel 46

Ordinances for the prince in his worship,

Ezekiel 46:1 Thus saith the Lorde God: þe dore of the innermer court towarde þe east shalbe shut the .vj. worcking dayes: but in the sabboth and in the daye of the newe moone, it shalbe opened. Ezekiel 46:2 Then shall þe prince come vnder the dore porche, and stande still wtout by the dore check. So the prestes shall offre vp his burnt and healthofferinges. And he shall worshyp at the doreposte, and go hys waye forth agayne: but the dore shall nomore be shut tyll the euenynge. Ezekiel 46:3 On the same maner shall the people of the lande also do their worshyp before þe Lorde without thys dore vpon the sabbathes and newe moones. Ezekiel 46:4 This is nowe the burntofferyng, þt the prince shall bryng vnto þe Lorde vpon the sabboth: syxe lambes without blemysh, and a ram without blemish, Ezekiel 46:5 & an ephah for a meatoffering, with the ram. As for the lambes, he maye geue as many meateofferinges to them as he will: and an hyn of oyle to an ephah. Ezekiel 46:6 In the daye of the newe moneth, it shalbe a yonge bullocke without blemish, syxe lambes and a ram also without blemish. Ezekiel 46:7 With the bullocke he shall geue an ephah, & with the ram an ephah also for a meateoffering: but to the lambes, what he maye come by. And euer an hyn of oyle to an ephah. Ezekiel 46:8 When the prynce commeth, he shall go vnder the dore porche, and euen there departe forth agayne.

and for the people.

Ezekiel 46:9 But when the people of the lande come before the Lord in the hye solempne feaste, as many as come in by the north dore to do worshyp, shall go out agayne at the south dore. And they that come in at the south dore, shall go forth agayne at þe north dore. There shall none goo out at the dore, where he came in, but shall go ryght forth ouer on the other syde, Ezekiel 46:10 and the prynce shall go in and out amonge them. Ezekiel 46:11 Upon the solempne and hye feaste dayes this shalbe the meatofferyng. An epha to a bullocke and an ephah to a ram, and to the lambes, as many as he will: but euer an hyn of oyle to an ephah. Ezekiel 46:12 Nowe when the prynce bryngeth a burntofferyng or an healthofferinge with a fre wyll vnto the Lorde, þe east dore shalbe opened vnto hym, that he maye do with his burnt and healthofferinges, as he doth vpon the sabboth: and when he goth forth, the dore shalbe shut after him agayne. Ezekiel 46:13 He shall dayly bryng vnto the Lorde a lambe of a yeare olde without blemysh for a burntoffering: this shall he do euery morning. Ezekiel 46:14 And for a meatoffering, he shall geue the syxte parte of an epha, and the thyrd part of an hyn of oyle, to myngle with the cakes, euery morning. Yee, this shalbe a dayly meatofferinge vnto the Lorde: for an euerlasting ordinaunce: Ezekiel 46:15 and thus shall the lambe meateoffering and oyle be geuen euery morning, for a daylye burntofferinge.

An order for the prince's inheritance.

Ezekiel 46:16 Moreouer, thus sayeth the Lorde God: If the prynce gyue a gyfte vnto any of hys sonnes, then shall it be hys sonnes herytage perpetuall, that he maye possesse it. Ezekiel 46:17 But yf he wyll geue one of hys seruauntes, some of hys heritage, it shalbe hys to the fre yeare, and then to returne agayne vnto the prince: for hys herytage shalbe hys sonnes onely. Ezekiel 46:18 The prince also shall take none of the peoples enheritaunce, ner put them from their possession: but to his awne sonnes shall he geue his possession, that my people be not scatered abroade, but that euery man maye haue hys awne.

The courts for boiling and baking.

Ezekiel 46:19 And he brought me thorowe the intraunce at the syde of the dore to the habitatyon of the sanctuary, that belongeth to the prestes and stode towarde the north, and beholde, there was a place vpon the west syde, Ezekiel 46:20 then sayde he vnto me. This is the place where the prestes shall dyght the trespace and synofferynges, and bake meateofferinges, þt they nede not beare them into the outwarde court: and so to vnhalowe the people. Ezekiel 46:21 So he brought me into the vtmost courte, rounde about all the foure corners. Beholde, in euery corner of the court, there was yet a lytle courte. Ezekiel 46:22 Yee in all the foure corners of þe court, there was made a lytle court of .xl. cubites longe, & .xxx. cubites broade: these foure lytle courtes were of one like measure: Ezekiel 46:23 and there went a ridge wall rounde about them all foure, vnder the which there were harthes made rounde about. Ezekiel 46:24 Then sayde he vnto me: Thys is the kechin where the ministers of the house shall dyght the slayne offeringes of the people.

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