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Ezekiel 47

The vision of the holy waters.

Ezekiel 47:1 After this, he brought me agayne before the dore of the house: and beholde, there gushed oute waters from vnder the postes of the house eastwarde, for the house stode towarde the east, that ran downe vpon the ryght syde of the house, which lyeth to þe aulter southwarde. Ezekiel 47:2 Then caryed he me out to the north dore, and brought me forth there rounde about by the vtmost dore that turneth eastwarde. Beholde, there came forth the water vpon the right syde: Ezekiel 47:3 Now whan the man that had the meterodde in hys hande went vnto the east dore, he measured a .M. cubites, and then he brought me thorowe the water, euen to the ancles: Ezekiel 47:4 so he measured yet a thousande, and brought me thorowe the water agayne vnto the knees: yet measured he a thousande, and brought me thorowe the water vnto the loynes. Ezekiel 47:5 After this he measured a thousande agayne, then was it soch a ryuer, that I myght not wade thorowe it. The water was so depe, that it was nedeful to haue swimmed, for it might not be waded ouer.

The virtue of them.

Ezekiel 47:6 And he sayde vnto me: hast thou sene thys, O thou sonne of man? and with that, he brought me to the ryuer banck agayne. Ezekiel 47:7 Nowe when I came there, there stode many trees vpon ether syde of the ryuer bancke. Ezekiel 47:8 Then sayde he vnto me: Thys water that floweth oute towarde the east, and runneth downe into the playne felde, commeth into the see: and from the see runneth out: & maketh the waters whole. Ezekiel 47:9 Yee, all that lyue & moue, wherunto thys ryuer commeth, shall recouer. And where thys water commeth, ther shalbe moch fysh. For all that commeth to this water, shalbe lusty and whole. Ezekiel 47:10 By this ryuer shall the fysshers stande from Engaddy vnto En Eglaim, & there spread out their nettes: for there shalbe great heapes of fysh, lyke as in the mayne see. Ezekiel 47:11 As for his claye and pyttes, they shall not be whole, for why? it shalbe occupyed for salt. Ezekiel 47:12 By this ryuer vpon both the sides of the shore, there shall growe all maner of frutefull trees, whose leaues shall not fall of, nether shall their frute perysh: but euer be rype at theyr monethes: for theyr water runneth oute of theyr sanctuarye. Hys frute is good to eate, and his leafe profytable for medicyne.

The borders of the land.

Ezekiel 47:13 Thus sayth the Lorde God: Let thys be the border, wherin ye shall deuyde the lande vnto the .xii. tribes of Israel, with the lyne. Ezekiel 47:14 Parte it indyfferently vnto one as vnto another: of the which lande I swore vnto yor fathers, that it shulde fall to youre enherytaunce. Ezekiel 47:15 This is the border of the lande vpon the northsyde, from the mayne see, as men go to Zadada: Ezekiel 47:16 namely Hemath, Berotha, Sabarim: from the borders of Damascus and Hemath vnto Hazar Tichon, and þt lieth vpon the coastes of Haueran. Ezekiel 47:17 Thus the borders from the see forth, shalbe Hazar Euan the border of Damascus, the north and the borders of Hemath, that is the north parte. Ezekiel 47:18 The east syde shall ye measure from Haueran and Damascus, from Galead and the lande of Israel by Iordane and so forth, from the see coast, that lyeth easte warde: and this is the east parte. Ezekiel 47:19 The southsyde is, from Thamar forth to the waters of stryfe vnto Cades the ryuer to the mayne see: and that is the south parte. Ezekiel 47:20 The west parte: namely the greate see from the borders therof, tyll a man come vnto Hemath: thys is the west parte. Ezekiel 47:21 Thys lande shall ye parte among you, according to the trybes of Israel,

The division of it by lot.

Ezekiel 47:22 and deuyde it to be an heritage for you, and for the straungers that dwell amonge you, and beget children. For ye shall take them amonge the chyldren of Israel, lyke as though they were of youre awne housholde and contrey, and they shall haue heritage wt you amonge the chyldren of Israel. Ezekiel 47:23 Loke in what trybe the straunger dwelleth, in the same trybe shall ye geue hym hys heritage, sayth the Lorde God.

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