Great Bible

Hosea 10

Israel is reproved and threatened for their impiety and idolatry.

Hosea 10:1 Israel was a goodly vyne, but he hath brought forth vnprofytable frute: yee, þe more frute he had, the mo aulters he made: the more good I dyd to their lande, the more frendshype shewed they to their ymages. Hosea 10:2 Theyr herte is deuyded, therfore wyll they be destroyed. The Lord shall breake downe their ymages, he shall destroye theyr aulters. Hosea 10:3 Then shall they saye: we haue no kynge, for why? we haue not feared þe Lord. And what shall then the kynge do to vs? Hosea 10:4 They comen together, and sweare vayne othes: they be confederat together, therfore groweth their punishment, as the wedes in the sorowes of the lande. Hosea 10:5 They that dwell in Samaria haue worshypped the calfe of Bethauen: therfore shall the people mourne ouer them, yee, & the prestes also, that in theyr welthynesse reioysed wyth them: and why? it shall passe awaye from them. Hosea 10:6 It shall be brought to the Assirian, for a present vnto kynge Iareb. Ephraim shall receaue full punyshment. Israell shalbe confounded for hys awne ymaginacyons, Hosea 10:7 Samaria wt his kynge shall vanyshe awaye as the scomme in the water. Hosea 10:8 The hye places of Auen where Israell do synne, shall be cast downe: thystles and thornes shall growe vpon theyr aulters. Then shall they saye to the mountaynes: couer vs, and to the hylles: fall vpon vs. Hosea 10:9 O Israell, thou hast synned as Gabaa dyd afore tyme, where they remayned: shuld not the batayll then come vpon the wycked chyldren, as well as vpon the Gabaonites? Hosea 10:10 I wyll chasten them, euen after myne awne desyre, the people shalbe gathered together ouer them, when I punyshe them for their great wyckednesse. Hosea 10:11 Ephraim was vnto me, as a cowe þt is vsed to go to plowe, therfore I loued hym, and fell vpon his fayre necke. I droue Ephraim, Iuda plowed, and Iacob played þe husbande man: Hosea 10:12 Sowe vnto ryghteousnes, and reape the frutes of weldoinge: plowe vp your freshe lande, for it is tyme to seake the Lorde tyll he come and rayne rightuousnesse vpon you. Hosea 10:13 But you haue plowed vngodlynes: ye haue reped iniquytie, you haue eaten the frute of lyes. Seynge thou puttest thy confydence in thyne awne wayes, and leauest to the multitude of thy worthyes: Hosea 10:14 there shall growe a sedicyon amonge thy people. All thy stronge cyties shalbe layed waste, euen as Salmana was destroyed with his famyliers, thorowe him that was auenged of Arbell, in the daye of batayll, where the mother peryshed with her chyldren. Hosea 10:15 Euen so shall it go with you (O Bethell) because of youre malicyous wickednesse. Lyke as the mornynge goeth awaye, so shall the kynge of Israel passe.

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