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Hosea 13

Ephraim's glory, by reason of idolatry, vanished.

Hosea 13:1 When Ephraim spake, the hethen trembled: and he was exalted amonge the Israelytes, but he is gone backe to Baal, therfore must he dye. Hosea 13:2 And nowe they synne more and more: of their syluer, they make them molten ymages, after the ymaginacyons of ther awne braynes þt is, very ydols, and yet all is nothinge but the worke of the craftesman: Not witstandynge they preache of þe same to such as there sacrificeth: who so will kysse þe calues, offreth perfectlye. Hosea 13:3 Therfore, they shalbe as þe morninge cloude, and as the dewe that early passeth awaye and lyke as dust that þe whorle wynde taketh awaye, from the flore, and as smoke that goeth out of the chymney. Hosea 13:4 I am the Lorde God, which brought the out of the lande of Egypt: that thou shuldest knowe no God but me onely, and that thou shuldest haue no Sauioure but only me.

God's anger for their unkindness.

Hosea 13:5 I toke diligent hede of the in the wyldernesse þe drye lande. Hosea 13:6 But when they were well fedde and had ynough, they waxed proude, & forgat me Hosea 13:7 therfore will I be vnto them as a lyon and as a leoparde in þe waye to þe Assyrians. Hosea 13:8 I will come vpon them as she beare, þt is robbed of her whelpes, & I will breake þt stubburne herte of theirs. There will I deuoure them as a lyon: yee: þt wylde beastes shall teare them.

A promise of God's mercy.

Hosea 13:9 O Israel, thine iniquite hath destroyed þe but in me only is thy helpe. Hosea 13:10 Where are thy kynges nowe, that shulde helpe the in all thy cyties? Yee, and thy iudges, of whom thou saydest: geue me a kyng and princes? Hosea 13:11 well, I gaue the a kynge in my wrath, and in my displeasure will I take hym from the agayne. Hosea 13:12 The wyckednesse of Ephraim is bounde together, and hys synne lyeth hyd. Hosea 13:13 Therfore, shall sorowes come vpon hym, as vpon a woman that trauayleth. An vndiscrete sonne is he, for he consydreth not, that he shulde not haue bene able to haue endured in the tyme of hys byrth, Hosea 13:14 had not I defended hym from the graue, and delyuered hym from death. O death, I will be thy death: O hell, I wyll be thy kynge.

A judgment for rebellion.

Hosea 13:15 Yet can I se no comforte, for when he is nowe the goodlyest amonge the brethren, the east wynde (euen the wynde of the Lorde) shall come downe from the wildernes, and drye vp his conduytes, & dryncke vp his welles: he shall spoyle the treasure of all pleasaunt vessels. Hosea 13:16 As for Samaria, they shalbe made waste, and why? they are dysobedient vnto theyr God. They shall peryshe with the swearde, theyr chyldren shalbe slayne, and their wemen great with chylde shalbe rypte vp.

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