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Isaiah 21

The prophet, bewailing the captivity of his people, seeth in a vision the fall of Babylon by the Medes and Persians.

Isaiah 21:1 The burthen of the wayst see: Euen as the stormy wether þt passeth thorow at the noone daye, to come from the wyldernesse, from that horrible lande. Isaiah 21:2 A greuous vision was shewed vnto me: Let one dysceatfull offender come agaynst another, & one destroyer agaynst another. Up Elam, laye sege thou of Media all their gronynge haue I layed downe. Isaiah 21:3 Therfore are my loynes fylled with sorow, heuynes, hath taken holde vpon me, as the panges of a woman that is traueyling. It made me stoupe when I herde it, & it vexed me whan I sawe it. Isaiah 21:4 My hart panted, fearfulnes came vpon me. The nyght of my volupteousnes hath he turned agaynst me into feare. Isaiah 21:5 Whyle they garnished the table, þe watch man loked: And while I was eatynge and drynkyng (it was sayde:) vp ye captaynes, take you to your shylde. Isaiah 21:6 For thus hath the Lord sayd vnto me: Go and set a watch man, to tell what he seyth. Isaiah 21:7 And he sawe a charet, which two horsmen sat vpon, with the cariage of an Asse, and the cariage of a camell. Isaiah 21:8 So he loked & toke very diligent hede. And þe lyon cried, Lord, I stonde wayting all the whole daye, & am appointed to kepe my watch euery nyght. Isaiah 21:9 And beholde, here commeth a charet of men, with two horsmen And he answered & sayde: Babylon is fallen, it is fallen, & all the ymages of hyr goddes hath he smytten downe vnto the grounde. Isaiah 21:10 Thou art he whom I must threshe, and thou belongest to my corne floore. This that I herde of the Lorde of hoostes þe God of Israel haue I shewed vnto you.

Edom, scorning the prophet, is moved to repentance.

Isaiah 21:11 The burthen of Duma: he calleth vnto me out of Seir: Watchman, what hast thou espyed by nyght? Watchman, what hast þu espyed by nyght? Isaiah 21:12 The watchman sayde: The mornynge commeth, & so doth the nyght. Yf ye wyll aske anye question, then aske it, retourne and come agayne.

The set time of Arabia's calamity.

Isaiah 21:13 The burthen concernyng Arabia: In the pleasaunt grounde of Arabia shal ye tary all nyght, euen in the stretes of Dedanin. Isaiah 21:14 The inhabitours of the lande of Thema brought forth water to him that was thyrstie, they preuented him with their bred that was fled awaye. Isaiah 21:15 For because of swerdes are they become fugitiue, euen for the drawen swerde, and for the bent bowe, & because of the greuousnes of warre. Isaiah 21:16 For thus hath the lorde sayde vnto me: There is yet a yeare accordynge to the yeares of an hyred seruaunt, & all the glory of Cedar shall fayle. Isaiah 21:17 And the nombre of them that shall escape from the bowes, shall be mynisshed by the myghtye chyldren of Cedar, for so the Lorde God of Israel hath spoken.

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