Great Bible

Isaiah 23

The miserable overthrow of Tyre.

Isaiah 23:1 The burthen of Tyre: Mourne ye shyppes of Tharsis, for there commeth such destruccyon that ye shall not haue an house to entre into: Out of the lande of Cittim haue they knowlege of thys plage. Isaiah 23:2 Be styll, ye that dwell in þe Ile, the marchauntes of Zidon, and such as passe ouer the see, haue made þe plenteous. Isaiah 23:3 The corne that groweth by the great waters of Nilus, and the frutes of the ryuer were hyr vitailes, so that it became a comen marte of þe nacions Isaiah 23:4 Be ashamed thou Zidon, for the see (euen the strength of the see) hath spoken, sayenge: I haue not trauayled, ner broughte forth children, ner norished vp young men, or brought vp virgins. Isaiah 23:5 Whan tydinges commeth to the Egipcians they shall be sory for the rumore that goeth of Tyre. Isaiah 23:6 Get you to Tharsis, mourne ye þt dwell in the Ile. Isaiah 23:7 Is not this that glorious cyte of youres, which hath bene of olde antiquite? Hyr awne fete shall cary hyr forth to be a sogeourner in to a farre countre. Isaiah 23:8 Who hath deuysed thys agaynst Tyre (that geueth garlandes vnto other cities) whose marchauntes are princes, and whose captaines are honorable in the worlde? Isaiah 23:9 Euen the lord of hoostes hath deuysed thys, to put downe the pryde of all such as be glorious, and to mynish all them that be proude vpon earth: Isaiah 23:10 Get the out of thy lande vnto þe daughter of Tharsis, seyng thou hast nomore strength. Isaiah 23:11 He that smote the kyngdomes together, holdeth out his hande ouer the see: euen the lorde him self hath geuen a commaundement agaynst the same comen place of marchandise, that they shall vtterly destroye þe might therof. Isaiah 23:12 And he sayd: Make nomore thy boast (O virgin thou daughter Zidon) thou shalt be brought downe: Up, get the ouer vnto Citim, where neuertheles thou shalt haue no rest. Isaiah 23:13 Behold, this people came not of the Caldees, but Assur made them strong with great shippes. They set vp the strong holdes therof, & destroyed his palaces, & he brought it in decaye. Isaiah 23:14 Mourne ye shippes of tharsis for your strength is brought downe. Isaiah 23:15 And in that daye shall Tyre be forgotten seuentye yeares (accordinge to the yeares of one kyng) and after the ende of the seuentye yeares shall Tyre syng as doth an harlot. Isaiah 23:16 Take an harpe, & go aboute the citye (thou harlot that hast bene forgotten) make swete melody, sing moo songes, that thou mayest be had in remembraunce.

Their unhappy return.

Isaiah 23:17 And after the ende of the seuentye yeares shall the lorde visyt Tyre, & she shall conuerte vnto her rewarde, and shall committe fornicacion with all the kyngdomes of the earth þt are in the worlde. Isaiah 23:18 Their occupieng also and their rewarde shalbe holy vnto þe lord. Their gaynes shall not be layde vp ner kepte in stoare, but it shalbe theyrs that dwell before the lorde, that they maye eate ynough, & haue clothyng sufficient.

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