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Isaiah 26

A song inciting to confidence in God,

Isaiah 26:1 In þt daye shall thys songe be songe in the lande of Iuda. We haue a stronge citye. Saluacion shall God appoynte in steade of walles and bulworke. Isaiah 26:2 Open ye þe gates þt the righteous people which kepeth the trueth maye entre in. Isaiah 26:3 Their minde is set vpon the, because thou preseruest them in peace yee, euen in peace: because they put their trust in the. Isaiah 26:4 Put ye your trust allwaye in the Lorde: for in the Lorde God there is strength for euermore.

for his judgments,

Isaiah 26:5 For he hath brought downe hye mynded citesens. As for þe proude citye, he hath brought it lowe: euen vnto the grounde shall he cast it downe, & bring it vnto dust. Isaiah 26:6 The fote euen the fote of the poore: and the steppes of such as be in necessitie shall treade it downe. Isaiah 26:7 The path of equitye wilt thou graunt vnto the iuste, o thou moost ryghteous, thou shalt order þe path of him that is ryghteous. Isaiah 26:8 Yee, in the waye of thy iudgmentes, O Lord, haue we put our trust in the. Thy name also: & the remembraunce of the, is þe thyng that oure soule longeth for. Isaiah 26:9 My soule hath longed for the all the night, and wt my sprete (which is within me) wyll I seke the earlye in the morning. For when thy iudgementes are in the erth, the inhabitatours of þe worlde shall learne righteousnes. Isaiah 26:10 Shall the vngodly man be fauoured, which hath not learned ryghteousnes, but doth wickedly in the erth where nothynge ought to be done, but that which is ryghteous? He shall not se the glory of the Lorde. Isaiah 26:11 Lorde, when thy hande is lyfte vp to stryke, they se it not: but they shall se it, and be confounded with the zele of the people, and the fyer that consumeth thyne enemyes, shall deuoure them.

and for favour to his people.

Isaiah 26:12 Lord, vnto vs thou shalt prouyde peace: for thou also hast wrought all our workis in vs. Isaiah 26:13 O Lorde our God, other lordes besyde the hath subdued vs: but we wylbe mindfull only of the & of thy name. Isaiah 26:14 The deed will not lyue, & they þt be out of lyfe, will not ryse agayne: therfore hast thou visited & roted them out, and destroyed all the memory of them. Isaiah 26:15 Thou hast increased the people (O Lorde) thou hast increased the people, & thou art praysed: thou hast sent them farre of vnto all the coastes of the erth. Isaiah 26:16 Lorde in trouble haue they visited the: they powred out their prayer, when thy chastenyng was vpon them. Isaiah 26:17 Lyke as a woman wt chylde that draweth nye towarde her trauell, is sory & cryeth in her paynes, euen so haue we bene in thy sight, O Lorde. Isaiah 26:18 We haue bene wt chylde & suffred payne, as though we had brought forth winde. For there is no saluation in the erth, nether do þe inhabitours of þe worlde submyt them selues. Isaiah 26:19 Thy deed men shall lyue, euen wt my body shall they rise agayne. Awake and syng ye that dwell in dust. For thy dewe is euen as the dewe of herbes, and the earth shall cast out them that be vnder her.

An exhortation to wait on God.

Isaiah 26:20 Come my people, enter thou into thy chambers, and shut thy dores about þe: hyde thy selfe a lytle for a whyle, vntyll the indignation be ouerpast. Isaiah 26:21 For lo, the Lorde is commyng out of his place, to viset the wickednes of suche as dwell vpon earth. The earth also shall disclose her awne bloud, and shall nomore hid them that are slayne in her.

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