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James 2

It is not agreeable to Christian profession to regard the rich, and to despise the poor brethren:

James 2:1 My brethren, esteme not the fayth of our Lorde Iesus Christ þe Lorde of glory wt respecte of persons. James 2:2 For if ther come into youre company a man wearyng a golden ryng, clothed in goodly aparell, and ther come in also a poore man in vyle rayment, James 2:3 & ye haue a respecte to him that weareth the gaye clothing, and say vnto him: Syt thou here in a good place: and saye vnto the poore: stande thou there, or syt here vnder my fote stole: James 2:4 are ye not parciall in youre selues, and haue iudged after euyll thoughtes? James 2:5 Harken my deare beloued brethren. Hath not God chosen the poore of thys worlde, soch as are ryche in faythe, & heyres of the kyngdome, whych he promysed to them that loue hym? James 2:6 But ye haue despysed the poore. Do not rych men execute tyrannye vpon you, and draw you before the iudgement seates. James 2:7 Do not they speake euyll of that good name which is called vpon ouer you? James 2:8 Yf ye fulfyll the royall lawe, accordynge to the scripture. (Thou shalte loue thyne neghboure as thy selfe) ye do well. James 2:9 But yf ye regarde one person more then another, ye commyt synne, & are rebuked of þe lawe, as transgressours. James 2:10 Whosoeuer shall kepe þe whole lawe, & yet fayle in one poynt, he is gyltie of all. James 2:11 For he þt sayd: Thou shalt not commyt adulterye, sayde also þu shalt not kyll. Though thou do none adulterye, yet yf thou kyll, thou art become a transgressor of þe lawe. James 2:12 So speake ye, and so do, as they that shalbe iudged by the lawe of libertye.

rather we are to be loving and merciful:

James 2:13 For he shal haue iudgement without mercy that sheweth no mercy: and mercy reioyseth agaynst iudgement.

and not to boast of faith where no deeds are,

James 2:14 What auayleth it my brethren, though a man saye he hath fayth, yf he haue no dedes? Can fayth saue him James 2:15 If a brother or a syster be naked & destitute of dayly fode, James 2:16 & one of you saye vnto them: departe in peace, God send you warmnes & fode, not wtstandyng ye geue them not those thinges which are nedful to the body, what shal it helpe?

which is but a dead faith,

James 2:17 Euen so fayth, yf it haue no dedes: is deed in it selfe: James 2:18 But some man wyll saye: þu hast fayth, & I haue dedes: shewe me thy fayth by thy dedes: & I will shewe the my fayth by my dedes.

the faith of devils,

James 2:19 Beleuest þu that ther is one god? Thou doest well. The deuyls also beleue, & tremble. James 2:20 But wilt þu vnderstande. (O thou vayne man) þe fayth without dedes is deed?

not of Abraham,

James 2:21 Was not Abraham oure father iustifyed thorow workes, when he had offered Isaac his sonne vpon the aulter? James 2:22 Thou seest, how that fayth wrought wt his dedes, & through the dedes was the fayth made parfecte: James 2:23 & þe scripture was fulfylled, which sayth: Abraham beleued God, and it was reputed vnto hym for ryghtewesnes: & he was called þe frende of God. James 2:24 Ye se then how that of dedes a man is iustifyed, and not of fayth onely.

and Rahab.

James 2:25 Lykewyse also, was not Raab the harlot iustifyed thorow workes, when she had receaued the messengers, and had sent them out another waye? James 2:26 For as the body, wythout the sprete is deed, euen so fayth wythout workes is deed also.

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