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Jeremiah 11

Jeremiah proclaimeth God's Covenant,

Jeremiah 11:1 Thys is another Sermon, whych the Lorde commaunded Ieremy for to preach, saying: Jeremiah 11:2 Heare the wordes of the couenaunt, & speake vnto þe men of Iuda, & to all them that dwell at Ierusalem. Jeremiah 11:3 And saye thou vnto them. Thus sayeth þe Lord God of Israell: Cursed be euery one þt is not obedient vnto þe wordes of this couenaunt: Jeremiah 11:4 whych I commaunded vnto youre fathers, what tyme as I broughte them out of Egipt, from þe yron fornace, saying: Be obedient vnto my voyce, & do acordynge to all þt I commaunde you: so shall ye be my people, & I wilbe youre God, Jeremiah 11:5 and wyll kepe my promyse, that I haue sworne vnto youre fathers. Namely, that I wolde geue them a lande which floweth wt mylck & hony: as ye se, it is come to passe vnto this day. Then answered I, and sayd: Amen. Let it be euen so Lorde, as thou sayest. Jeremiah 11:6 Then the Lorde sayde vnto me agayne: Preache this in the cyties of Iuda & rounde aboute Ierusalem, & saye. Heare þe wordes of this couenaunt, that ye maye kepe them. Jeremiah 11:7 for I haue diligently exhorted your fathers, euer sence þe tyme that I brought them out of þe land of Egypt, vnto this daye. I gaue them warnyng by tymes, saying: herken vnto my voyce.

rebuketh the Jews disobeying thereof,

Jeremiah 11:8 Neuertheles, they wolde not obeye me, nor encline theyr eares vnto me, but folowed the wicked ymaginacions of theyr awne hertes. And therfore, I haue accused them as transgressours of all þe wordes of this couenaunt, that I gaue them to kepe which they (notwithstandinge) haue not kepte. Jeremiah 11:9 And the Lorde sayde vnto me. It is founde out, that whole Israel and all these citezins of Ierusalem are gone backe. Jeremiah 11:10 They haue turned them selues to the blasphemyes of theyr forefathers, which had no lust to heare my worde. Euen lykewyse haue these also folowed straunge goddes, and worshypped them. The house of Israel & Iuda haue broken my couenaunt, which I made with theyr fathers.

prophesieth evils to come upon them,

Jeremiah 11:11 Therfore, thus sayeth þe Lord. Behold, I wyll sende a plage vpon them, which they shall not be able to escape: & thoughe they crye vnto me, I wyl not heare them. Jeremiah 11:12 Then shall the townes of Iuda & the citezins of Ierusalem go, & call vpon theyr goddes vnto whom they made theyr oblacyons: but they shall not be able to helpe them in tyme of theyr trouble. Jeremiah 11:13 For as many cyties as þu hast, O Iuda, so many goddes hast þu had also. And loke how many stretes there be in þe, (O Ierusalem) so many shamefull aulters haue ye set vp, aulters I saye to offre vpon them vnto Baal. Jeremiah 11:14 Therfore, praye not þu for this people, byd nether prayse ner prayer for them, for though they crie vnto me in theyr trouble, yet will I not heare them. Jeremiah 11:15 What parte hath my beloued in my house, seinge he hathe worked abominacion seruynge many goddes? The holy fleash offringes in the temple ar goone from the O Iuda, and thou when thou hast done euell makest thy boast of ytt. Jeremiah 11:16 The Lorde called þe a grene olyue tre, a fayre one, a frutefull one, a goodly one: but with greate clamor hath the enemy sett fyre vppon it and the branches of yt are destroyed. Jeremiah 11:17 For the Lorde of Hoostes that planted the, hath deuysed a plage for the (O thou house of Israell and Iuda) for þe euell that ye haue done to prouoke hym to wrath, in that ye dyd seruyce vnto Baal.

and upon the men of Anathoth, for conspiring to kill Jeremiah.

Jeremiah 11:18 This (O Lord) haue I lerned of the, and vnderstand it, for thou hast shewed me theyr ymaginacyons. Jeremiah 11:19 But I am (as a meke lambe an oxe) that is caryed awaye to be slayne, not knowynge, þt they had deuysed soch a councell agaynst me, sayeng: We wyll destroye his meate with wodd, & dryue him out of þe land, of þe lyuyng: þt his name shall neuer be thought vpon. Jeremiah 11:20 Therfore, I will beseche the now (O Lord of hoostes) thou ryghteous iudge, thou that tryest þe reynes & the hertes: lett me se the auenged of them, for vnto þe haue I committed my cause. Jeremiah 11:21 The Lorde therfore spake thus of the cytezins of Anathoth, that sought to slaye me, sayenge: Preache not vnto vs in the name of þe Lord, or els þu shalt dye of our handes. Jeremiah 11:22 Thus (I saye) spake þe Lorde of hoostes. Behold, I wyll vyset you. Youre younge men shall perysh with þe swearde, your sonnes & your daughters shall vtterly dye of honger, Jeremiah 11:23 so þt none shall remayne. For vpon the cytezins of Anathoth will I bryng a plage, euen the yeare of theyr vysytacyon.

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