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Jeremiah 13

In the type of a linen girdle, hidden at Euphrates, God prefigureth the destruction of his people.

Jeremiah 13:1 Thus sayth þe Lord vnto me: go thy waye, & get me a lynnen breche, & gyrde it aboute thy loynes, & let it not be wet. Jeremiah 13:2 Then I got me a breche, accordynge to the commaundement of the Lorde, and put it aboute my loynes. Jeremiah 13:3 After this þe seconde tyme, the Lorde spake vnto me agayne. Jeremiah 13:4 Take þe breche þt thou hast prepared & put about the, & get þe vp, & go vnto Euphrates & hyde it in a hole of þe rock. Jeremiah 13:5 So went I, & hydd it at Euphrates, as the Lord commaunded me. Jeremiah 13:6 And it happened longe after this, þt the Lorde spake vnto me. Up, & get þe to Euphrates, and fet þe breche from thence, which I commaunded þe to hyde there. Jeremiah 13:7 Then went I to Euphrates, & dygged vp, & toke þe breche from the place where I had hyd it: & beholde, the breche was corrupt, so that it was profitable for nothynge. Jeremiah 13:8 Then sayde the Lorde vnto me. Jeremiah 13:9 Thus sayeth the Lorde. Euen so wyll I corrupte þe pryde of Iuda, & the hye mynde of Ierusalem. Jeremiah 13:10 This people is a wicked people, they wyll not heare my worde, they folowe the wicked ymaginacyons of their awne herte, & hange vpon straunge Goddes, them they serue & worshyppe: & therfore they shalbe as this breche, that serueth for nothynge. Jeremiah 13:11 For as straytely as a breche lyeth vpon a mans loynes, so straytely dyd I bynde the whole house of Israel, and the whole house of Iuda vnto me, sayeth þe Lorde: þt they myght be my people: that they myght haue a glorious name: that they myght be in honour: but thei wold not obeye me.

Under the parable of the bottles filled with wine he foretelleth their drunkeness in misery.

Jeremiah 13:12 Therfore laye this rydle before them, & saye: Thus sayeth þe Lorde God of Israell: Euery pot shalbe fylled wt wyne. And they shal saye: thynckest þu we knowe not, that euery pot shalbe fylled wt wyne? Jeremiah 13:13 Then shalt þu saye vnto them. Thus sayeth þe Lord: Behold, I shall fyll all þe inhabitours of thys lande wt dronckennes, the kynges that syt vpon Dauids stole, þe prestes & prophetes, wt all that dwell at Ierusalem. Jeremiah 13:14 And I wyll sett them one agaynst another, ye, the fathers agaynst the sonnes, sayeth the Lorde. I wyll not pardon them, I wyll not spare them, ner haue pytie vpon them: but destroye them.

He exhorteth to prevent their future judgments.

Jeremiah 13:15 Be obedient, geue eare, take not disdayne at it, for it is þe Lord him selfe that speaketh. Jeremiah 13:16 Honoure þe Lord your God here in, or he take hys lyght from you, & or euer youre fete stomble in darcknesse at the hyll: lest when ye loke for the lyght, he turne it into þe shadowe & darcknesse of death, Jeremiah 13:17 But yf ye wyll not heare me, that geue you secrete warnyng, I wyll mourne from my whole hert for youre stubburnes. Pyteously wyll I wepe, & þe teares shall gusshe out of myne eyes. For þe Lordes flocke shall be caryed awaye captyue. Jeremiah 13:18 Tell the kynge & the quene: Humble youre selues, sett you downe lowe, for your dignytye shall be throwne downe & the crowne of your glory shall fall from youre head. Jeremiah 13:19 The cyties towarde þe south shalbe shut vp, & no man shall open them. All Iuda shallbe caryed awaye captyue, so that none shall remayne. Jeremiah 13:20 Lyft vp your eyes, & beholde them þt come from the North wher is þe flocke (o þu lande) þt was gyuen þe. And wher are thy fatt & ryche sheape. Jeremiah 13:21 To whom wylt þu make thy mone, when þe ennemy shall come vpon the? for þu hast taught them thy selfe, & made them masters ouer þe. Shall not sorowe come vpon þe, as on a woman trauayllyng wt child?

He sheweth their abominations are the cause thereof.

Jeremiah 13:22 And yf þu woldest saye them in thyne herte. Wherfore come these thynges vpon me? Euen for þe multytude of thy blasphemyes, shal thy hynder partes & thy fete be discouered. Jeremiah 13:23 For lyke as the man of Iude maye chaunge his skynne, & þe cat of þe mountayne her spottes: so maye ye þt be excercysed in euell, do good. Jeremiah 13:24 Therfore wyll I scatre them, lyke as þe stoble þt is taken awaye wyth þe south wynde. Jeremiah 13:25 Thys shall be youre porcion, & the porcion of your measure, wherwith ye shalbe rewarded of me, sayeth the lorde: because ye haue forgotten me, & put youre trust in dysceatfull thynges. Jeremiah 13:26 Therfore shall I turne thy clothes ouer thy heade, & discouer thy thyghes, þt thy preuyties maye be sene, Jeremiah 13:27 thy aduoutry, thy deedly malyce, thy beastlinesse, & thy shamefull whordome. For vpon þe feldes and hylles I haue sene thy abhominacyons. Wo be vnto the (o Ierusalem) when wylt thou euer be clensed eny more?

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