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Jeremiah 18

Under the type of a potter is shewed God's absolute power in disposing of nations.

Jeremiah 18:1 This is another communicacion, that God had with Ieremy, saying: Jeremiah 18:2 Aryse, and goo downe into the Potters house, and there shall I tell the more of my mynde. Jeremiah 18:3 Now when I cam to the Potters house, I founde hym makynge his worcke vpon a whele. Jeremiah 18:4 The vessell that the Potter made of claye, brake amonge his handes: So be beganne a new, and made another vessel accordynge to his mynde. Jeremiah 18:5 Then sayde the Lorde thus vnto me. Jeremiah 18:6 Maye not I do with you, as this Potter doth, O ye house of Israel, sayeth the Lorde? Beholde, ye house of Israel: ye are in my hande, euen as the claye in the Potters hande. Jeremiah 18:7 When I take in hande to rote out, to destroye, or to waste awaye eny people or kyngdome Jeremiah 18:8 yf that people (agaynst whom I haue thus deuysed) conuerte from theyr wyckednes: I repente of the plage, that I deuysed to brynge vpon them. Jeremiah 18:9 Agayne, when I take in hande, to buylde, or to plante a people or a kyngdom: Jeremiah 18:10 yf the same people do euell before me, and heare not my voyce: I repente of the good, þt I deuise to do for them:

Judgments threatened to Judah for her strange revolt.

Jeremiah 18:11 Speake now therfore vnto whole Iuda: and to them that dwell at Ierusalem. Thus sayeth the Lorde: Beholde, I am deuisyng a plage for you, and am takynge a thing in hande agaynst you. Therfore let euery man turne from his euell waye, take vpon you þe thynge that is good, and do right. Jeremiah 18:12 But they sayde. Nomore of this we wyll folowe oure awne ymaginacions, and do euery man accordynge to the wylfulnesse of his awne mynde. Jeremiah 18:13 Therfore thus sayeth the Lorde. Aske amonge the Heathen, yf eny man hath herde soch horryble thynges, as the daughter of Sion hath done. Jeremiah 18:14 Shall not the snowe (that melteth vpon the stony rockes of Libanus) moysten the feldes? Or maye the sprynges of waters be so grauen awaye, that they runne nomore, geue moystnesse, ner make frutefull? Jeremiah 18:15 But my people hath so forgotten me, that they haue made sacryfyce vnto vayne Goddes. And theyr prophetes make them fal in theyr wayes from the auncyent pathes, and to go into a fote waye not vsed to be troden of iust men. Jeremiah 18:16 Where thorowe they haue brought their lande into an euerlastyng wildernesse & scorne. So þt whosoeuer trauayleth therby, shalbe abashed, & wagge theyr heades. Jeremiah 18:17 With an East wynde wyll I scatre them, before their enemie. And when their destruccion commeth, I wyll turne my backe vpon them, but not my face.

Jeremiah prayeth against his conspirators.

Jeremiah 18:18 Then sayde they come, let vs ymagen somthynge agaynst this Ieremye. For the prestes shall not be destitute of þe lawe, nether shall the wysemen de destitute of councel, ner þe prophetes destitute of the worde of God. Come, and let vs smyte him with the tong, and let vs marke all his wordes. Jeremiah 18:19 Consydre me, O Lord, and heare the voyce of myne enemies Jeremiah 18:20 shall they recompence euell for good? for they haue digged a pit for my soule. Remembre, howe that I stode before the, to speake good for them, & to turne awaye thy wrath from them. Jeremiah 18:21 Therfore let their children dye of hunger, and let them be oppressed wyth the swearde. Let their wiues be robbed of their children, and become wyddowes: let their husbandes be slayne, let their yonge men be kylled with the swearde in the felde. Jeremiah 18:22 Lett the noyse be herde out of their houses, when the murtherer commeth sodenly vpon them. For they haue dygged a pyt to take me, & layed snares for my fete. Jeremiah 18:23 Yet Lorde, þu knowest all their councell, that they haue deuised, to slaye me. Forgeue not their wyckednes, and let not their sinne be put out of thy syght: but let them be iudged before the as the gyltie: This shalt thou do vnto them in the tyme of thy indignacion.

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