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Jeremiah 49

The judgment of the Ammonites.

Jeremiah 49:1 As concerning the Ammonytes, thus the Lorde sayth: Hath Israel no children, or is he without an heyre? Why hath youre king then taken Gad in? Wherfore doth his people dwell in his cityes? Jeremiah 49:2 Beholde therfore, the tyme commeth, sayth the Lorde, þt I wyll bring a noyse of warre into Rabah of the Ammonites: and it shall be layed on a desolate heape: and her cityes brent vp: & the Israelites shalbe lordes ouer those that had them in possession afore, sayeth the Lorde. Jeremiah 49:3 Hesebon shall mourne, for Ay shalbe roted out of the grounde, sayth the Lorde. The cityes of Rabah shall crye out, and gyrde them selues with sacke cloth: they shall mourne, & runne about the walles: for theyr king shalbe led awaye presoner: yee, his prestes and princes with hym. Jeremiah 49:4 Wherfore trustest thou in the valley? thy valleye hath flowed awaye, O thou fearce daughter, & thynkest þu þt thou art so safe, by reason of thy treasure, that no man shall come to the? Jeremiah 49:5 Beholde, I will brynge a feare vpon the, sayth the Lorde God of hostes, from all those that be about the: so that ye shalbe scatered euery man from another, and a man shall gather them together agayne þt be fled.

Their restoration.

Jeremiah 49:6 But after that, I wyll bring the Ammonites also out of captiuyte agayne.

The judgment of Edom,

Jeremiah 49:7 Upon the Edomites hath the Lorde of hoostes spoken on thys maner: Is there nomore wysdome in Theman? Is there nomore good councell amonge his people? Is theyr wysdome then turned clene to naught? Jeremiah 49:8 Gett you hence, turne youre backes, crepe downe into the deppe, O ye citesyns of Dedan. For I will bryng destruccion vpon Esau: yee, and the daye of hys visytatyon. Jeremiah 49:9 If the grapegatherers came vpon the, shulde they not leaue some grapes? If the night robbers came vpon the, shulde they not take so moch as they thought were ynough? Jeremiah 49:10 But I wyll make Esau bare, and discouer his secretes, so that he shall not be able to hyde them. Hys sede shalbe wasted awaye: yee, hys brethren and hys neyghbours, and he hym selfe shall not be lefte behynde. Jeremiah 49:11 Thou shalt leaue thy fatherlesse children behynde the, and I wyll kepe them, and thy wyddowes shall take their comforte in me. Jeremiah 49:12 For thus hath the Lorde spoken. Behold, they that men thought were vnmete to drinke of the cuppe, haue dronken with the fyrst: and thynkest thou then to be fre? No, no, thou shalt nether be quite nor fre: but thou must drinke also. Jeremiah 49:13 For why? I haue sworne by my selfe, sayth the Lorde, þt Bozrah shall become a wyldernes, an open shame, a laughyng stocke and cursynge: and all her cyties shalbe a continuall deserte. Jeremiah 49:14 For I am perfectly informed of þe Lorde that he hath sent a message allredy vnto the Heythen. Gather you together, and go forth agaynst them: make you ready to the battaylle: Jeremiah 49:15 for lo, I wyll make the but small amonge the Heythen, and lytell regarded amonge men. Jeremiah 49:16 Thy hye stomacke and the pryde of thy herte haue disceaued the, because thou wylt dwell in the holes of stony rockes, and haue the hye mountaynes in possession. Neuertheles, though thy neste were as hye as the aegles, yet wyll I cast the downe, sayeth the Lorde. Jeremiah 49:17 Moreouer, Idumea shalbe a wildernes: whoso goth by it, shalbe abashed, and wonder at all her myserable plages. Jeremiah 49:18 Lyke as Sodome, Gomor, and the cytyes þt laye ther about were turned vp side downe, saith the Lord, so shall no body dwell in Idumea, and no man shall haue his habitation there. Jeremiah 49:19 Behold, lyke as the lyon, so shall a destroyer come vp from the pleasaunt medowes of Iordane vnto the stronge dwelling place: & when I haue made him quiet, I will make him to fle from her: and all chosen men, will I set in araye agaynst her. Who is lyke vnto me? What is he that will stryue with me? What shepherde maye stande in my handes? Jeremiah 49:20 Therfore, heare the councell of þe Lorde, that he hath taken vpon Idumea: and hys purpose þt he hath deuysed vpon the citesyns of Theman. The leest of þe flocke shall teare them in peces, & loke what fayre thinge they haue, they shall make it waste, & them selues also. Jeremiah 49:21 At the noyse of their fall, the earth shall quake þe crye of their voyce shalbe heard vnto the redd see. Jeremiah 49:22 Beholde, the enemye shall come and fle vp hither, like as it were an aegle, & sprede his winges vpon Bozrah. Then shall the hertes of the worthyes in Edom be as the hert of a woman trauelyng of chylde.

of Damascus,

Jeremiah 49:23 Upon Damascus, Hemath and Arphad shall come confusion: for they shall heare euell tydinges: they shalbe tossed to and fro lyke the see that cannot stande styll. Jeremiah 49:24 Damascus shalbe sore afrayed, and shall flee, tremblinge come vpon her. Sorowe & payne shall ouertake her as a woman trauelynge of chylde. Jeremiah 49:25 But howe shuld so worshipfull & glorious a citye be forsaken? Jeremiah 49:26 Heare therfore: her yonge men shall fall in the stretes, and all her men of warre shalbe taken awaye in þt tyme, sayth the Lorde of hostes. Jeremiah 49:27 I wyll kyndle a fyre in the walles of Damascus, which shall consume the palace of Benhadad.

of Kedar,

Jeremiah 49:28 As for Cedar and the kingdom of Hazor, whom Nabuchodonosor the kyng of Babylon smote downe, the Lorde hath spoken thus vpon them: Aryse, and get you vp vnto Cedar, and destroye the people towarde þe easte. Jeremiah 49:29 Theyr tentes and theyr flockes shall they take awaye: yee, their hangynges and their vessels. Their camels also shal they carye awaye with them. They shall crye to them: Feare is on euery syde.

of Hazor,

Jeremiah 49:30 Fle, get you sone awaye, creape into caues, that ye maye dwell there, O ye inhabiters of Hazor, saith the Lorde: for Nabuchodonosor the kynge of Babylon hath holden a councell concernynge you: and concluded his deuyce agaynst you. Jeremiah 49:31 Aryse, and get you vp agaynst yonder ryche and careles people (sayeth the Lorde) which haue nether gates nor dore barres, but dwell alone. Jeremiah 49:32 Their camels shalbe stollen, and the drones of theyr catell dryuen awaye. Moreouer, those wyll I scater towarde all the wyndes: and bringe them to destruccyon: yee, and that thorowe their awne familyers, sayth the Lorde. Jeremiah 49:33 Hazor also shall be a dwellyng for dragons, and an euerlasting wildernes: so that no body shall dwell there: and no man shall haue there his habitation.

and of Elam.

Jeremiah 49:34 These are the wordes that the Lorde spake to the prophete Ieremy, concerning Elam, in the begynninge of the raygne of Zedekiah kynge of Iuda. Jeremiah 49:35 Thus sayeth the Lorde of hostes: Beholde, I wyll breake the bowe of Elam, and take awaye theyr strength: Jeremiah 49:36 and vpon Elam I wyll bring the foure wyndes from the foure quarters of heauen, and will scater them agaynst the same foure windes. And there shalbe no people, but some of Elam shall fle vnto them. Jeremiah 49:37 For I wyll cause Elam to be afrayed of theyr enemyes, and of them that seke theyr lyues: and wyll brynge vpon them the indygnation of my wrath, sayth the Lorde. And I wyll persecute them with the swearde, so longe tyll I haue brought them to naught. Jeremiah 49:38 I wyll sett my throne in Elam, I wyll destroye both the kynge and the prynces from thence, sayth the Lorde.

The restoration of Elam.

Jeremiah 49:39 But in processe of tyme I wyll brynge Elam out of captiuyte agayne, sayth the Lorde.

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