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Jeremiah 52

Zedekiah rebelleth.

Jeremiah 52:1 Zedekiah was one and .xx. yeare olde, when he was made kyng, and he raygned eleuen yeare in Ierusalem. His mothers name was Hamutall, Ieremyes daughter of lybna. Jeremiah 52:2 He lyued wyckedly before the Lorde euen as Iehoachin dyd. Jeremiah 52:3 For þe Lorde was angry at Ierusalem and Iuda, so longe tyll he had cast them out of hys presence. And Zedekiah fell from the kynge of Babilon.

Jerusalem is besieged and taken.

Jeremiah 52:4 But in the nynth yeare of hys raygne, In the tenth moneth, þe tenth daye of the moneth it happened, that Nabuchodonosor the kyng of Babilon with all hys hooste came before Ierusalem, and beseged it, and made them bulworckes rounde aboute it. Jeremiah 52:5 And thys besegynge of the cytie endured vnto the eleuenth yeare of kyng Zedekiah. Jeremiah 52:6 And in the fourth moneth, the .ix. daye of the moneth, there was so great honger in the cytie: that there were nomore vytayles for the people of the lande. Jeremiah 52:7 So all the soudiers brake awaye, and fled oute of the cytie by nyght thorowe the waye of the porte betwene the two walles vp the kynges garden. Nowe the Chaldees had compassed the cytie rounde aboute, yet went these men their waye towarde the wyldernes.

Zedekiah's sons killed, and his own eyes put out.

Jeremiah 52:8 And so the Chaldees folowed vpon them, and toke Zedekiah the kynge in the felde of Iericho, when his hoost was runne from hym: Jeremiah 52:9 So they caryed the kyng awaye prysoner to Reblath, vnto the kynge of Babylon in the lande of Hemath, where he gaue iudgement vpon hym. Jeremiah 52:10 The kynge of Babylon also caused Zedekiahs sonnes to be slayne before his face, yee and put all the prynces of Iuda to death at Reblath. Jeremiah 52:11 Moreouer, he put out the eyes of Zedekiah, caused him to be bounde with two cheynes, to be caried vnto Babylon: and let hym lye in preson, tyll he dyed.

Nubuzar-adan burneth and spoileth the city.

Jeremiah 52:12 Nowe the tenth daye of the fyfth moneth in þe nynth yeare of Nabuchodonosor kynge of Babilon, Nabusaradan the chefe captayne and the kynge of Babylons seruauntes came vnto Ierusalem, Jeremiah 52:13 and brent vp the house of the Lorde. He brent vp also the kynges palace, all þe houses and all the gorgeous buyldynges in Ierusalem. Jeremiah 52:14 And the whole hoost of the Chaldees that were with the chefe captayne, brake downe all the walles of Ierusalem rounde aboute. Jeremiah 52:15 As for the poore people and soch folke as yet was left in the cytie: which also were fallen to the kynge of Babylon, yee, and what people as yet remayned: Nabuzaradan the chefe captayne caried them awaye presoners. Jeremiah 52:16 But the poore people of the countre, dyd Nabuzaradan the chefe captayne leaue in the lande, to occupye the vyneardes and feldes. Jeremiah 52:17 The Chaldees also brake the brasen pyllers that were in the house of the Lorde, yee, the seate and the brasen lauer that was in þe house of the Lorde: and caryed all the metall of them vnto Babylon. Jeremiah 52:18 They toke awaye also the Cauldrons, shouels, fleshehokes, sprynklers, spones, and all the brasen vessell that was occupied in the seruyce: Jeremiah 52:19 with the basens, colepannes, sprynklers, pottes, candelstyckes, spones, and cuppes: wherof some were of golde, and some of syluer. Jeremiah 52:20 The chefe captaine toke also the two pillers, the lauer, the twelue brasen bullockes that stode vnder the seate which kyng Salomon made in the house of the Lord: and all the vessell conteyned so moch metall, that it myght not be weyed. Jeremiah 52:21 For euery piller was eyghtene cubytes hye: and þe rope that went aboute it, was twelue cubytes, & foure fyngers thycke and rounde. Jeremiah 52:22 Nowe vpon the rope were brasen knoppes, and euery knoppe was fyue cubytes hye: and vpon the knoppes were whopes, and pomgranates rounde about of cleane brasse: Jeremiah 52:23 After thys maner were both the pylers fashyoned wt the pomgranates, wherof there were an hundred and .xcvi. which hanged vpon the whoopes rounde about.

He carrieth away the captives.

Jeremiah 52:24 The chefe captaine also toke Sariah the hie preste, and Sophoniah that was chefe nexte hym, and the thre kepers of the treasury. Jeremiah 52:25 He toke oute of the cytie a chamberlayne which was a captayne of the souldyers, and seuen men that were the kynges seruauntes, which were founde in the cytie: and Sepher a captayne that vsed to muster the men of warre, with threscore men of the countre that were taken in the cytie. Jeremiah 52:26 These Nabuzaradan the chefe captayne toke, and caried them to the kynge of Babylon vnto Reblath: Jeremiah 52:27 and the kyng of Babylon caused them to be put to death at Reblath in the lande of Hemath. And thus Iuda was ledde awaye captiue, oute of hys awne lande. Jeremiah 52:28 This is the summe of the people, whom Nabuchodonosor ledde awaye captiue. In the seuenth yeare of hys raygne, he caried awaye of the Iewes, thre thousand and thre and twenty. Jeremiah 52:29 In the .xviii. yeare Nabuchodonosor caryed awaye from Ierusalem eyght hundreth thirty and two personnes. Jeremiah 52:30 In the .xxiii. yeare of Nabuchodonosor Nabuzaradan the chefe captayne, toke awaye seuen hundreth fourty and fyue Iewes presoners. The whole summe of all the presoners, is foure thousande and syxe hundreth.

Evil-Merodach advanceth Jehoiachin.

Jeremiah 52:31 In the .xxxvii. yeare after that Iehoachin the kynge of Iuda was caryed awaye in the .xxv. daye of the .xii. moneth, Euilmerodach kynge of Babylon (the same yeare that he reygned) gaue Iehoachin the kyng of Iuda hys pardon, and let hym out of preson, Jeremiah 52:32 and spake louyngly to him. And sett his trone aboue the trones of the other kynges þt were with hym in Babylon. Jeremiah 52:33 He chaunged also the clothes of his preson, yee, and he dyd eate wt hym all his lyfe longe. Jeremiah 52:34 And he had a continuall lyuyng geuen him of the kynge of Babylon, euery daye a certayne thynge alowed him all the dayes of hys lyfe, vntyll he dyed.

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