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Jeremiah 9

Jeremiah lamenteth the Jews for their manifold sins,

Jeremiah 9:1 O who wyll geue my head water ynough, and a wel of teares for myne eyes: þt I maye wepe night and daye: for þe slaughter of my people? Jeremiah 9:2 Wolde God, that I had a cotage some where farre from folcke, þt I myght leaue my people, and goo from them: for they be all aduoutrers & a shrynckynge sorte. Jeremiah 9:3 They bende theyr tunges lyke bowes, to shote out lyes. They wax stronge vpon erthe. As for þe trueth, they maye nothynge awaye with all in the worlde. For they go from one wyckednes to another, and wyll not knowe me, sayeth the Lorde. Jeremiah 9:4 Yee, one must kepe hym selfe from another, no man may safely trust his awne brother: for one brother vndermyndeth another, one neyghboure begileth another. Jeremiah 9:5 Yee one dissembleh wt another, and they deale wt no trueth. They haue practysed theyr tunges to lye, & taken great paynes to do mischefe. Jeremiah 9:6 Thou syttest in þe myddes of a dysceatfull people, which for very dissemblyng falshede, wyll not knowe me, sayeth the Lord. Jeremiah 9:7 Therfore, thus sayeth the Lorde of Hostes: beholde, I wyll melte them, and trye them, for what shuld I els do to my people. Jeremiah 9:8 Theyr tunges are lyke sharpe arowes, to speake dysceate. Wyth theyr mouth they speake peaceably to theyr neyghboure, but preuely they laye wayte for hym.

and for their judgment.

Jeremiah 9:9 Shulde I not punysh them for these thynges, sayeth þe Lorde? Or shulde I not be auenged of any soche people as thys? Jeremiah 9:10 Upon þe mountaines will I take vp a lamentacion & a sorowful crie, & a mourninge vpon þe fayre playnes of þe wildernesse. Namely, how they are so brente vp, þt no man goeth there any moore. Yee, a man shall not heare one beaste crye there. Byrdes & catell are all gone from thence Jeremiah 9:11 I will make Ierusalem also an heape of stones, & a denne of venymous wormes. And I will make þe cyties of Iuda so waste, that no man shall dwell therin.

Disobedience is the cause of their bitter calamity.

Jeremiah 9:12 What man is so wyse, as to vndestande thys? Or to whom hath þe Lord spoken by mouth, that he may shewe this, & saye. O þu lande, why perishest thou so? Wherfore art þu so brent vp, & lyke a wyldernes, þt no man goeth thorow? Jeremiah 9:13 Yee, the Lorde hym selfe tolde þe same vnto them, that forsoke hys lawe, & kepte not þe thynge þt he gaue them in commaundement, nether lyued therafter: Jeremiah 9:14 but folowed the wickednes of theyr awne hertes, & serued straunge Goddes, as theyr fathers taught them. Jeremiah 9:15 Therfore, thus sayeth þe Lorde of Hostes, the God of Israel. Beholde, I wyll fede this people wt wormwod, & geue them gall to dryncke, Jeremiah 9:16 I wyll scatre them also among the Heathen, whom nether they ner theyr fathers haue knowne: & I will sende a swearde amonge them, to persecute them, vntill I bryng them to naught.

He exhorteth to mourn for their destruction,

Jeremiah 9:17 Moreouer, thus sayeth the Lord of Hostes. Beware of þe vengeaunce that hangeth ouer you: and cal for mourning wyues, & sende for wyse wemen: that they come shortly, Jeremiah 9:18 and synge a mournynge songe of you: that þe teares may fall out of oure eyes, and þt our eye lyddes maye gusshe out of water. Jeremiah 9:19 For there is a lamentable noyse hearde of Sion. O how are we so sore destroyed? O how are we so pyteously confounded? We must forsake our awne naturall countre, & we are shut out of oure awne lodgynges. Jeremiah 9:20 Yet heare the worde of the Lorde (O ye wemen) & let youre eares regarde the wordes of his mouth: þt ye may lerne youre daughters to mourne, & that euery one may teach her neyghbouresse, to make lamentacyon. Jeremiah 9:21 Namely thus: Death is clymynge vp in at oure wyndowes, he is come into oure houses, to destroye the chylde before þe dore, and the yonge man in the strete. Jeremiah 9:22 But tell thou playnely, thus sayeth the Lorde. The deed bodyes of men shall lye vpon the grounde, as þe donge vpon þe felde, & as the heye after þe mower, & ther shalbe no man to take them vp.

and to trust not in themselves, but in God.

Jeremiah 9:23 Thus sayeth the Lorde. Let not the wyse man reioyse in his wysdome, ner þe strong man in his strength, nether the ryche man in his rychesse. Jeremiah 9:24 But who so will reioyse, let hym reioyse in this, that he vnderstandeth, & knoweth me: for I am þe Lorde, which do mercy, equyte and ryghteousnesse vpon þe earth. Therfore, haue I pleasure in soch thynges, sayeth the Lorde.

He threateneth both Jews and Gentiles.

Jeremiah 9:25 Beholde, the tyme commeth (sayeth the Lorde) þt I wyll vyset all them, whose fore skynne is vncircumcysed. Jeremiah 9:26 The Egyptians, the Iewes, the Edomytes, the Ammonytes, the Moabites. and the shauen Madianytes, that dwell in the wyldernes. For all the Gentiles are vncircumcysed in the flesh, but all the house of Israell are vncircumcysed in the herte.

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