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Job 24

Wickedness goeth often unpunished.

Job 24:1 Consyderinge then that there is no tyme hid from the Almyghtie, how happeneth it, that they which knowe hym, do not regarde his dayes? Job 24:2 For some men there be, that remoue other mens landemarkes: that robbe them of their catell, and kepe the same for theyr awne: Job 24:3 that dryue awaye the asse of the fatherlesse: that take the wyddowes oxe for a pledge: Job 24:4 that thrust the poore out of the waye, and oppresse the simple of the worlde together. Job 24:5 Beholde, euen as the wylde asses in þe deserte goo they forth to their worke, and ryse by tymes to spoyle: Yee þe very wyldernesse ministreth foode for their chyldren. Job 24:6 They reape the corne felde that is not their awne: and let the vyneyarde of the vngodly alone. Job 24:7 They are the cause that so many men are naked and bare, hauinge no clothes to couer them and to kepe them from colde: Job 24:8 So that when the showers in the mountaynes haue rayned vpon them, & they be all wett, they haue none other succoure, but to kepe them amonge the rockes. Job 24:9 They spoyle þe suckinge fatherlesse childe, and take the pledge from the poore. Job 24:10 In somoch that they let him go naked without clothing, and haue taken awaye the sheafe of the hungrie. Job 24:11 The poore are fayne to laboure in their oyle milles, yee, and to treade in theyr wyne presses, and yet to suffre thyrst. Job 24:12 The men of the cytie crieth vnto the Lorde with sything, the soules of the slayue also make theyr complainte: But God destroyeth them not for all this, Job 24:13 where as they (not withstandinge) are conuersaunt amonge them that abhorre the lyght: they knowe not hys waye, ner contynue in his pathes. Job 24:14 Tymely in the mornynge do they aryse, to murthur the symple and poore, and in the nyght they go a stealynge. Job 24:15 The eye of the aduolterer wayteth for the darcknesse, and sayeth thus in him selfe: Tush, there shall no eye se me, and so he disgiseth his face. Job 24:16 In þe night ceason they search the houses, and hyde them selues in the daye tyme, but will not knowe the light.

There is a secret judgment for the wicked.

Job 24:17 For as soone as the daye breaketh, the shadowe of death commeth vpon them, and they go in horrible darcknesse. Job 24:18 The vngodly is swyfter then the water: their porcion shalbe cursed in the earth, and he shall not beholde the waye of the vineyardes. Job 24:19 O that they (for the wickednesse which they haue done) were drawen to the hell, soner then snowe melteth at the drouth and heate. Job 24:20 O that all compassion vpon them were forgotten: that their daynties were wormes, that they were cleane put out of remembraunce, and vngodlynesse vtterly hewen downe lyke as a tre. Job 24:21 He hath oppressed the baren, that he cannot beare, and vnto þe wyddowe hath he done no good. Job 24:22 He drue the mightie after hym with his power, and when he was gotten vp, no man was without feare, as longe as he lyueth. Job 24:23 And though they might be safe, yet they wyll not receaue it, for their eyes loke vpon their awne wayes. Job 24:24 They are exalted for a lytle, but shortly are they gone, brought to extreme pouerte, and taken out of the waye: ye and vtterly pluckte of, as the eares of corne. Job 24:25 Is it not so? Who wyll then reproue me as a lyar, and saye that my wordes are nothynge worth?

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