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Job 37

God is to be feared because of his great works.

Job 37:1 At this, my hert is astonnied, and moued out of hys place. Job 37:2 Heare then the sounde of hys voyce, and the noyse that goeth out of his mouth. Job 37:3 He gouerneth euery thyng vnder the heauen, and his lyght reacheth vnto the ende of the worlde. Job 37:4 A roaring voyce foloweth hym: for his glorious maiesty geueth soche a thondre clappe, þt (though a man heare it) yet maye he not perceaue it afterwarde. It geueth an horryble sownde, Job 37:5 when God sendeth oute hys voyce: greate thynges doth he, whych we can not comprehende. Job 37:6 When he commaundeth the snowe, it falleth vpon the erth: As soone as he geueth the rayne a charge, immediatly the showers haue theyr strength, and fall downe. Job 37:7 He sendeth feare vpon euery man, that they myght knowe their awne worckes. Job 37:8 The beestes crepe into theyr dennes, and take theyr rest. Job 37:9 Out of the south commeth the tempest, and colde out of the north. Job 37:10 At the breth of God, the frost commeth, and the waters are shed abrode. Job 37:11 He maketh the cloudes to do theyr labour in geuynge moystnesse, & agayne wyth his lyght he dryueth awaye the cloude. Job 37:12 He distrybuteth also on euery syde, accordynge as it pleaseth hym to deale out hys worckes, that they maye do whatsoeuer he commaundeth them thorow the whole worlde: Job 37:13 whether it be to punysh any lande, or to doo good vnto them, that seke hym. Job 37:14 Herken vnto thys (O Iob) stande styll, & consydre the wondrous worckes of God.

His wisdom is unsearchable in them.

Job 37:15 Art thou of councell wyth God, when he doth these thinges? When he causeth þe lyght to come forth of hys cloudes? Job 37:16 Art thou of hys councell when he spredeth out the cloudes? Hast thou the perfecte knowledge of hys wonders? Job 37:17 & how thy clothes are warme, when the lande is styll thorow the South wynde? Job 37:18 Hast thou helped hym to spreade out the heauen, whych is to loke vpon, as it were cast of cleare metall? Job 37:19 Teache vs what we shall saye vnto hym, for we are vnmete because of darcknes. Job 37:20 Shall it be tolde hym what I saye? Shuld a man speake, or shulde he kepe it backe? Job 37:21 For euery man seyth not the light, that he kepeth cleare in the cloudes whych he clenseth whan he maketh þe wynde to blowe. Job 37:22 Golde is brought out of þe North, but the prayse and honoure of Gods feare commeth from God hym selfe. Job 37:23 It is not we þt can fynde out the almightye: for in power, equite, and ryghteousnesse, he is hyer than can be expressed. Job 37:24 Let men therfore feare hym, for there shall no man se hym that is wise in his awne conceate.

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