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Job 5

The harm of inconsideration.

Job 5:1 Crye (I praye the) yf happlye there be any that wyll answere the, and loke thou vpon eny of the holy men. Job 5:2 As for the foolysh man, displeasure kylleth hym, and anger slayeth the ignoraunt

The end of the wicked is misery.

Job 5:3 I haue sene my selfe, when the folysh was depe roted, and sodenly. I cursed hys habitacyon. Job 5:4 Hys chyldren were without prosperite, and they were slayne in the gate, and there was no man to delyuer them. Job 5:5 Hys haruest was eaten vp of the hungry, & the weapened man spoyled it, and the thurstye droncke vp theyr laboure. It is not the earth that bryngeth forth iniquyte,

God is to be regarded in affliction.

Job 5:6 nether commeth sorowe out of the ground: Job 5:7 but man is borne vnto laboure, lyke as the sparkes flye vp out of the hote coles. Job 5:8 But I wyll aske councell at the Lorde, & wyll talke with God: Job 5:9 which doth thynges, that are vnsearcheable, and maruels without nombre. Job 5:10 He geueth rayne vpon þe erth, and poureth water vpon the stretes, Job 5:11 to set vp them that be of lowe degre, and that those which are in heuynesse may come to prosperite. Job 5:12 He destroyeth the deuyces of the sotyll, so that their handes are not able to performe any stedfast thing. Job 5:13 He compaseth the wyse in their awne craftynes, and ouerthroweth the councell of the wycked. Job 5:14 In somoche that they runne into darcknes by fayre daye, and grope aboute them at the none daye, lyke as in the nyght. Job 5:15 He shall delyuer the pore from the sweard, and from the threatenynges of the vngodly, and from the violence of the myghty. Job 5:16 He is the hope of the poore, and the mouth of the wicked shalbe stopped.

The happy end of God's correction.

Job 5:17 Beholde, happye is the man, whom God punissheth: therfore, refuse not thou the chastenynge of the almyghtye. Job 5:18 For though he make a wounde, he geueth a playster: though he smyte, hys hande maketh whole agayne. Job 5:19 He shall delyuer the in syxe troubles, and in the seuenth there shall no euell come to the. Job 5:20 In honger he shall saue the from death: and when it is warre, from the power of the swearde. Job 5:21 Thou shalt be kept from the euell tonge, and when trouble commeth, thou shalt not nede to feare. Job 5:22 In destruccion and derth thou shalt be mery, and shalt not be afrayed of beastes of the earth. Job 5:23 For þe stones of the lande shalbe confederate with the, & the beastes of the felde shall geue the peace. Job 5:24 And thou shalt knowe that thy dwellyng place shalbe in rest: and thou shalt go and beholde thy habytacyon, and shalt not synne. Job 5:25 Thou shalt se also, þt thy sede shall encreace, and that thy posteryte shalbe as the grasse vpon the earth. Job 5:26 Thou shalt come also to thy graue in a fayre age, lyke as when they take vp a corne shefe in due season. Job 5:27 Lo, thys we oure selues haue proued by experience, and euen thus it is. Herken thou to it also, that thou mayest take hede to thy selfe.

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