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Job 6

Job sheweth that his complaints are not causeless.

Job 6:1 Iob answered also, & sayde: Job 6:2 O that the displeasure which I haue were truly weyed, and my punishment layed in the balaunces togeather: Job 6:3 for now is it heuyer then the sande of the see. And thys is the cause, that my wordes are so sorowfull. Job 6:4 For the arowes of the almighty are round about me, whose indygnacyon hath droncke vp my sprete, and the terrible feares of God are sett agaynst me. Job 6:5 Doth the wylde asse roare when he hath grasse? Or cryeth the oxe, when he hath foder ynough? Job 6:6 That which is vnsauery, shalt it be eaten without salte, or is there any taste in the whyte of an egge? Job 6:7 The thynges that some tyme I myght not awaye withall, are now my meate for very sorowe.

He wisheth for death, wherein he is assured of comfort.

Job 6:8 O that I myght haue my desyre: and that God wolde graunte me the thynge that I longe for. Job 6:9 O that God wold begynne and smyte me: that he wolde let hys hande go, and take me cleane awaye. Job 6:10 Then shulde I haue some comforte: yee, I wolde desyre hym in my payne, that he shulde not spare, for I wyll not be agaynst the wordes of the holy one. Job 6:11 For what power haue I to endure? And what is myne ende, that my soule myght be pacient? Job 6:12 Is my strength the strength of stones? Or, is my flesh made of brasse? Job 6:13 Is it not so þt there is in me no helpe: and that my substaunce is taken from me.

He reproveth his friends for their unkindness.

Job 6:14 He that is in tribulacyon ought to be comforted of hys neyghbour: but the feare of the Lord is cleane awaye. Job 6:15 Myne awne brethren passe ouer by me as the water brooke, and as the ryuer of water, do hastely go awaye. Job 6:16 But they that feare the hore frost, the snowe shall fall vpon them. Job 6:17 When theyr tyme commeth, they shalbe destroyed and peryshe: when they be sett on fyre, they shalbe remoued out of theyr place, Job 6:18 for þe pathes that they go in, are croked: they haste after vayne thynges, and shall perysh. Job 6:19 They turne them to the pathes of Theman, and to the wayes of Saba, wherin they haue put their trust. Job 6:20 Confounded are they that put eny confydence in them. For whan they come to obtayne the thynges that they loke for, they are brought to confusion. Job 6:21 Euen so are ye also come vnto me: but now that ye se my misery, ye are afrayed. Job 6:22 Dyd I desyre you, to bryng vnto me, or to geue me eny of youre substaunce? Job 6:23 To delyuer me from the enemyes hande, or to saue me from the hande of tyrauntes? Job 6:24 Teache me, and I wyll holde my tonge: and whan I do erre, shewe me wherin. Job 6:25 How stedfast are the wordes of treuth? Job 6:26 And which of you can rebuke and reproue them? Do ye take deliberacyon to check mens sayinges, and iudge a pore worde spoken in vayne? Job 6:27 Ye fall vpon the fatherles and go about to ouerthrowe your awne frende. Job 6:28 And therfore be content, and loke now vpon me, and I wyll not lye before youre face. Job 6:29 Turne (I praye you) be indifferent iudges, turne agayne, and ye shall se myne vngyltinesse: Job 6:30 whether there be eny vnrighteousnesse in my tong, or vayne wordes in my mouth.

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