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Job 7

Job excuseth his desire of death.

Job 7:1 Hath man any certayn tyme vpon earthe? Are not hys dayes also lyke þe dayes of an hyred seruaunt? Job 7:2 For lyke as a bonde seruaunt desyreth the shadowe, and as an hyrelynge wolde fayne haue an ende of hys worcke. Job 7:3 Euen so haue I laboured whole monethes longe (but in vayne) and many a carefull night haue I tolde. Job 7:4 When I laye me downe to slepe, I saye: O when shall I rise? Agayne, I longed sore for the nyght. And in the meane tyme am I full of sorowes vntyll the twylyght. Job 7:5 My flesh is clothed with wormes and dust of the earth: my skynne is withered, and become horryble, Job 7:6 my dayes passe ouer more spedely, then a weeuer can weeue out his webbe: and are gone or I am aware. Job 7:7 O remembre, that my lyfe is but a mynde, and that myne eye shall nomore se pleasures therof, Job 7:8 yee, & that none other mens eye shall se me eny more. For yf thou fasten thyne eye vpon me, I come to naught. Job 7:9 The cloude is consumed and vanysshed awaye, euen so he that goeth downe to the graue, shall come nomore vp, Job 7:10 ner turne agayne into hys house nether shall hys place knowe hym eny more. Job 7:11 Therfore, I will not spare my mouth, but wyll speake in the trouble of my sprete, and muse in the bytternesse of my mynde.

He complaineth of his own restlessness,

Job 7:12 Am I a see or a whalfysh, that thou kepest me so in preson? Job 7:13 When I saye: my bedd shall comforte me. I shall haue some refresshynge by talcking to my selfe vpon my couche. Job 7:14 Then troublest thou me with dreames, and makest me so afrayed thorow visions, Job 7:15 that my soule wissheth rather to perish and dye, then my bones to remayne. Job 7:16 I can se no remedy, I shall lyue nomore: O spare me then, for my dayes are but vayne.

and God's watchfulness.

Job 7:17 What is man, that thou hast hym in soch reputacyon, & settest somoch by hym? Job 7:18 Thou visytest hym early, and euery daye, sodenly doest thou trye hym. Job 7:19 Why goest thou not fro me, ner lettest me alone, so longe tyll I maye swalow downe my spetle? Job 7:20 I haue offended, and what shall I do vnto the, O thou preseruer of men? Why hast þu made me to stande in thy waye, and am so heuy a burden vnto my self? Job 7:21 Why doest thou not forgeue me my synne? Wherfore takest thou not awaye my wyckednes? Beholde, now must I slepe in the dust, and yf thou sekest me to morow in the mornyng, I shalbe gone.

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