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Joel 3

God's judgment against the enemies of his people.

Joel 3:1 For take hede: in those dayes and at the same tyme, when I turne agayne the captiuyte of Iuda and Ierusalem: Joel 3:2 I shall gather all people together, and brynge them in þe valley of Iosaphat: and there will I reason with them: because of my people and heritage of Israel: whom they haue scatred about in the nacyons: and parted my lande: Joel 3:3 yee, they haue cast lottes for my people, the yonge men haue they set in the bordel house, & solde þe damsels for wyne, that they myght haue to drincke. Joel 3:4 Thou Tirus and Sidon and all ye borders of the Philistines: what haue ye to do wt me? Will ye defye me? well, yf ye will nedes defye me, I shall recompence you, euen vpon your heade, & þe ryght worthely: Joel 3:5 for ye haue taken awaye my syluer and golde, my fayre and goodly Iewels, and brought them into your goddes houses. Joel 3:6 The chyldren also of Iuda and Ierusalem haue ye solde vnto þe Grekes, þt ye myght brynge them farre from the borders of their awne countrees. Joel 3:7 Beholde therfore, I wyll rayse them out of the place, where ye haue solde them, and will rewarde you euen vpon your head. Joel 3:8 Your sonnes and youre daughters wyll I sell thorowe the handes of the chyldren of Iuda, and so they shall geue them forth to sell, vnto them of Saba, a people of a farre countre: for the Lorde him selfe hath sayde it.

God will be known in his judgment.

Joel 3:9 Crye oute these thynges amonge the Gentyles, proclayme warre, wake vp the gyauntes, let them drawe nye, let them come vp all þe lusty warryours of them. Joel 3:10 Make you sweardes of your plowshares, and speares of youre sycles & sythes. Let the weake man saye: I am stronge. Joel 3:11 Mustre you, & come, all ye Heathen rounde about: gather you together, there shall þe Lord laye all thy gyauntes to the grounde. Joel 3:12 Lett þe people aryse, & get them to the valley of Iosaphat for there will I syt, & iudge all Heathen rounde aboute Joel 3:13 Laye to your sythes, for þe haruest is rype: come, get you downe: the wyne presse is full, yee, þe wynepresses runne ouer, for their wickednes is waxen greate. Joel 3:14 In the valley appoynted, there shalbe many, many people: for the daye of the Lorde is nye in the valley appoynted. Joel 3:15 The sunne & moone shalbe darckened, & the starres shall withdrawe their lyght. Joel 3:16 The Lorde shall roare out of Syon, and crye out of Ierusalem, that the heauens and the earth shall quake withall. But the Lorde shalbe a defence vnto hys awne people, and a refuge for the chyldren of Israel. Joel 3:17 Thus shall ye knowe, that I the Lorde youre God dwell vpon my holy mounte of Syon. Then shall Ierusalem be holy, & there shall no straungers go thorowe her any more.

His blessing upon the Church.

Joel 3:18 Then shall the mountaynes drope swete wyne, and the hylles shall flowe with mylcke. All the ryuers of Iuda shall haue water ynough, and out of the Lordes house there shall flowe a spring, to water the broke of Sitim: Joel 3:19 but Egypte shalbe layed waste, and Edom shalbe desolate: because they haue dealte so cruelly with þe chyldren of Iuda, and shed innocent bloude in theyr lande. Joel 3:20 Agayne, Iuda shalbe inhabited for euermore, & Ierusalem from generacyon to generacyon: Joel 3:21 for I will not leaue their bloude vnauenged. And the Lorde shall dwell in Syon.

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