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Joshua 19

The lot of Simeon,

Joshua 19:1 And the seconde lotte came out for þe trybe of the children of Simeon by their kynredes. And their enheritaunce was in the myddes of the enheritaunce of the children of Iuda. Joshua 19:2 And they had in theyr enheritaunce, Bersabe, Sabe, & Moladah, Joshua 19:3 Hazorsual, Balah, & Azem, Joshua 19:4 Eltholad, Bethul & Hormah, Joshua 19:5 Zikelag, Bethmarcaboth & Hazetsusah, Joshua 19:6 Bethlebaoth, and Saruhen thirtene cyties with their villages. Joshua 19:7 Aim, Remon, Ether, & Asan, foure cyties wyth their villages: Joshua 19:8 & therto all þe villages that were rounde about these cyties, euen vnto Balaath, Beor, & Ramath, southwarde. This is þe enheritaunce of þe tribe of þe children of Simeon thorow out their kiredes. Joshua 19:9 Out of þe lotte of the children of Iuda, came the enheritaunce of the children of Simeon. For the parte of the children of Iuda was to moche for them: and therfore the children of Simeon had their enheritaunce in the enheritaunce of them.

of Zebulun,

Joshua 19:10 And the thyrde lotte arose for the children of Zabulon thorow out their kynredes. And the coastes of their enheritaunce came to Sarid, Joshua 19:11 & went vp westwarde, and to Marialah, and reached to Dabaseth, and came thence to þe ryuer that lyeth before Iokneuen: Joshua 19:12 & turned from Sarid eastwarde towarde þe sonne rysyng vnto þe border of Chisloth Thabor: and then goeth out to Dabereth, & goeth vp to Iaphia: Joshua 19:13 and from thence goeth a longe eastwarde, to Gethah, Iepher, Ithah, & Iazin, & goeth to Remon, Methoar, & Neoh. Joshua 19:14 And compaseth it on þe northe syde to Nathan, & endeth in the valeye of Iephthahel. Joshua 19:15 And Iatath, Nahalol, Semron, Iedalah, and Bethlehem: twelue cyties wyth their villages. Joshua 19:16 This is the enheritaunce of the chyldren of Zabulon thorowe out their kynredes, and these are the cyties with their villages.

of Issachar,

Joshua 19:17 And þe fourth lott came out for þe children of Isacar by theyr kinredes. Joshua 19:18 And their coast was Iesraelah, Casuloth, & Sunem. Joshua 19:19 Hapharaim, Sion, and Anaharath: Joshua 19:20 Harabith kision, and Abez: Joshua 19:21 Rameth. Enganim, Enhadah, & Bethphazez. Joshua 19:22 And his coaste reacheth to Thabor, & Sahazimah & Bethsames, and endeth at Iordan, Syxtene cyties with there villages. Joshua 19:23 This is þe enheritaunce of the trybe of þe children of Isacar by their kynredes, And these are the cyties with their villages.

of Asher,

Joshua 19:24 And the fifte lotte cam out for the trybe of the children of Aser by their kynredes. Joshua 19:25 And their coaste was: Helkath, Hali, Beten & Achsap: Joshua 19:26 Alamelech, Amaad and Miseal: & came to Carmel westwarde, & to Sihor Labanath, Joshua 19:27 and turneth towarde the sonne rysyng to Bethdagon, and commeth to Zabulon & to the valeye of Iephthahell, towarde þe northsyde of Bethemek & Negel, & goeth out on þe lifte syde of Cabul: Joshua 19:28 & to Hebron, Rohob, Ramon, & kanah, euen vnto great Sidon. Joshua 19:29 And then the coast turneth to Ramah and to the strong cytie of Zor, and turneth to Hozah, & endeth at the see, by þe possession of Achzibah: Joshua 19:30 Amah also & Aphek and Rohob: Twentye and two cities with their villages. Joshua 19:31 This is þe enheritaunce of þe children of Aser by their kynredes: These are the cyties with their villages.

of Naphtali,

Joshua 19:32 And the Sixte lotte cam out for the children of Nephthali by their kynredes. Joshua 19:33 And their coaste was from Heleph & from Elom to Zaananim, Adami, Nekeb and Iabneel euen to Lakum, and doth go out at Iordan. Joshua 19:34 And then the coast turneth westwarde to Asanoth Thabor, and then goeth out from thence to Hukokah, and reacheth to Zabulon on þe southe syde, & goeth to Aser on þe west syde, and to Iuda vpon Iordan towarde þe sonne rysynge. Joshua 19:35 And their stronge cyties are Zidin, Zer, Hamah, Racath and Cenereth, Joshua 19:36 Adainah, Hermah & Hazor: Joshua 19:37 kedes, Edrai, and Enhazor: Joshua 19:38 Ieron, Magdelel: Horen, Bethanah & Bethsames: nynetene cyties wt their villages. Joshua 19:39 This is the enheritaunce of the trybe of the children of Nephthali by their kynredes: these also are the cyties & their villages.

of Dan.

Joshua 19:40 And the seuenth lotte came out for þe trybe of the children of Dan by their kynredes. Joshua 19:41 And the coaste of their enheritaunce was: Zaraah, Esthaol. Irsames, Joshua 19:42 Saelabin, Atalon Iethlah: Joshua 19:43 Eglon & Thennathah & Akaron: Joshua 19:44 Elthekeh, Gibethon & Baalath: Joshua 19:45 Iehud Banebarak & Gathermon, Joshua 19:46 Meiericon and Aarcon, wt the border that lyeth before Iapho. Joshua 19:47 And þe coastes of þe children of Dan went out from them. And the children of Dan went vp to fyght agaynst Lesen, and toke it, and smote it with þe edge of the swerde, and conquered it, & dwelt therin, & called it Dan after the name of Dan their father. Joshua 19:48 This is the enheritaunce of the trybe of þe children of Dan in their kynredes: these also are the cyties with their villages,

The children of Israel give an inheritance to Joshua.

Joshua 19:49 When they had made an ende of deuydyng þe lande by her coastes, the children of Israell gaue an enheritaunce vnto Iosua þe sonne of Nun amonge them, Joshua 19:50 according to the worde of þe Lorde they gaue him the cytie which he asked, euen Thamnath serah in mounte Ephraim And he bylte þe cytie & dwelt therin. Joshua 19:51 These are the enheritaunces which Eleazar the preast and Iosua the sonne of Nun, and the auncient fathers of the trybes of the children of Israel deuided by lotte in Siloh before the Lorde, in the dore of the tabernacle of witnesse, and so they made an ende of deuiding the contreye.

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