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Luke 17

Christ teacheth to avoid occasions of offence.

Luke 17:1 He sayde vnto the disciples: it cannot be: but offences wyll come. Neuerthelesse wo vnto hym thorow whom they come. Luke 17:2 It were better for him that a mylstone were hanged aboute his neck, and he cast into the see, then that he shulde offende one of these lytleons.

One to forgive another.

Luke 17:3 Take hede to youre selues. If thy brother trespas agaynst the, rebuke hym: Luke 17:4 and yf he repent, forgeue hym. And though he synne agaynst the seuen tymes in a daye, and seuen tymes in a daye tourne agayne to the, sayinge: it repenteth me, thou shalt forgeue hym. Luke 17:5 And the Apostles sayde vnto the Lorde: increase oure fayth.

The power of faith.

Luke 17:6 And the Lorde sayde: yf ye had fayth lyke a grayne of mustarde sede, & shuld saye vnto this Sycamyne tree, plucke thy selfe vp by the rootes, and plant thy selfe in the see: it shulde obey you.

How we are bound to God, and not he to us.

Luke 17:7 Who is it of you; yf he had a seruaunte plowynge or fedynge catell, that wyll saye vnto hym when he commeth from the felde: Go quyckly, and syt downe to meat, Luke 17:8 & sayth not rather vnto him, dresse, wherwt I maye supp, & gyrde vp thy selfe, and serue me, tyll I haue eaten and droncken: and afterward, eate thou, and drincke thou? Luke 17:9 Doeth he thanke that seruaunt, because he dyd the thynges that were commaunded vnto him? I trowe not. Luke 17:10 So lyke wyse ye, when ye haue done all those thynges which are commaunded you, saye: we are vnprofitable seruauntes. We haue done that, which was oure duety to do.

He healeth ten lepers.

Luke 17:11 And it chaunsed as he went to Ierusalem, that he passed thorow Samaria and Galile, Luke 17:12 And as he entred into a certayne towne, ther met him ten men that were lepers. Which stode a farre of, Luke 17:13 and put forth theyr voyces and sayde: Iesu master, haue mercy on vs. Luke 17:14 When he sawe them he sayd vnto them: Go, shewe youre selues vnto the Prestes. And it came to passe, that as they went, they were clensed Luke 17:15 And one of them, when he sawe that he was clensed, turned backe agayne, & with a loude voyce praysed God, Luke 17:16 and fell doune on hys face at hys fete, and gaue hym thankes. And the same was a Samaritane. Luke 17:17 And Iesus answered, & sayde: are ther not ten clensed? But where are those nyne? Luke 17:18 Ther are not founde that returned agayne, to geue God prayse, saue only this straunger. Luke 17:19 And he sayd vnto him: aryse, go thy waye, thy fayth hath made the whoale.

Luke 17:20 When he was demaunded of the Pharises, when the kyngdome of God shulde come, he answered them and sayd: The kyngdome of God shall not come with wayting for, Luke 17:21 nether shal they saye. Lo here, Or lo there: For beholde the kyngdome of God is within you.

Of the Kingdom of God, and the coming of the Son of man.

Luke 17:22 And he sayde vnto the disciples: þe dayes wyll come, when ye shall desyre to se one daye of the sonne of man, and ye shall not se it. Luke 17:23 And they shall saye to you: Se here, Se there. Go not after them, nor folowe them: Luke 17:24 for as the lyghtenynge that apereth out of the one parte that is vnder heauen, & shyneth vnto the other parte which is vnder heauen, so shall the sonne of man be in hys dayes. Luke 17:25 But fyrst must he suffre many thynges & be refused of this nacion. Luke 17:26 And as it happened in þe dayes of Noe: so shall it be also in the dayes of the sonne of man. Luke 17:27 They dyd eate & dryncke, they maryed wyues and were maried, euen vnto that same daye that Noe went into the Arke: and the floude cam, and destroyed them all. Luke 17:28 Lykewyse also as it chaunced in the dayes of Lot. They dyd eate, they drancke, they bought, they solde they planted, they buylded: Luke 17:29 But euen the same daye that Lot went out of Zodom, it rayned with fyre and brymstone from heauen, & destroyed them all. Luke 17:30 Euen thus, shall it be in the daye, when the sonne of man shall appere. Luke 17:31 At that daye he that is on þe house topp, and his stuffe in the house: let him not come downe to take it out. And let not him that is in the felde, turne backe agayne to þe thinges that he lefte behinde. Luke 17:32 Remember Lottes wyfe. Luke 17:33 Whosoeuer wyll go aboute to saue his lyfe, shal lose it: and whosoeuer shall lose his lyfe, shall saue it. Luke 17:34 I tell you: in that night ther shalbe two in one bed, the one shalbe receaued, the other shalbe forsaken: Luke 17:35 Two shalbe agryndynge together: the one shalbe receaued, and the other forsaken. Luke 17:36 {Absent from this edition.} Luke 17:37 And they answered, and sayd to him, where Lorde. He sayde vnto them: whersoeuer the body shalbe, thyther wyll also that Egles be gathered together.

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