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Matthew 20

Christ, by the similitude of the labourers in the vineyard, sheweth that God is debtor unto no man:

Matthew 20:1 For the kyngdom of heauen is lyke vnto a man þt is an housholder, whych went out early in the mornyng to hyer labourers into hys vyneyard. Matthew 20:2 And whan the agrement was made wyth the labourers for a peny a daye, he sent them into hys vineyarde. Matthew 20:3 And he went out about the thirde houre, & sawe other standyng ydell in þe market place, Matthew 20:4 & sayde vnto them: go ye also into the vineyarde: & whatsoeuer is ryght, I wyll geue you. And they went theyr waye. Matthew 20:5 Agayne, he went out about the syxte & nynthe houre, & dyd lykewyse. Matthew 20:6 And aboute the eleuenth houre he went out, & founde other standynge ydell, & sayd vnto them: Why stande ye here all the daye ydell? Matthew 20:7 They saye vnto hym because no man hath hyred vs. He sayeth vnto them: go ye also into the vineyarde: & whatsoeuer is ryght, that shall ye receaue. Matthew 20:8 So, when euen was come, the Lord of the vineyarde sayeth vnto his steward: call þe labourers, & geue them their hyer, begynnyng at þe laste vntill þe fyrst. Matthew 20:9 And whan they dyd come, þt cam about þe eleuenth houre, they receaued euery man a peny. Matthew 20:10 But whan the fyrst came also, they supposed þt they shuld haue receaued more, & they lykewyse receaued euery man a peny. Matthew 20:11 And when they had receaued it, they murmured agaynst þe good man of the house, Matthew 20:12 sayinge: These last haue wrought but one houre, & þu hast made them equall vnto vs, which haue borne þe burthen & heat of þe day. Matthew 20:13 But he answered vnto one of them & sayde: frende, I do the no wronge: dydest thou not agre wt me for a penny? Matthew 20:14 Take that thine is & go thy waye: I wyll geue vnto thys last, euen as vnto the. Matthew 20:15 Is it not lawfull for me to do as me lysteth wt myne awne goodes? Is thyne eye euyll, because I am good? Matthew 20:16 So þe last shalbe fyrst, & the fyrste shalbe last. For many be called, but fewe be chosen.

foretelleth his passion:

Matthew 20:17 And Iesus going vp to Ierusalem, toke the .xij. disciples asyde in the waye, & sayd vnto them: Matthew 20:18 Beholde, we go vp to Ierusalem, & the sonne of man shalbe betrayed vnto the chefe Prestes, & vnto the Scribes, & they shall condemne hym to deeth, Matthew 20:19 & shall delyuer hym to the gentyls, to be mocked and to be scourged, and to be crucifyed: and the thyrde daye he shall ryse agayne.

by answering the mother of Zebedee's children, teacheth his disciples to be lowly:

Matthew 20:20 Then came to him the mother of Zebedes chyldren, wt her sonnes, worshyppyng him & desyryng a certaine thynge of him. Matthew 20:21 And he sayeth vnto her, what wilt thou? She sayde vnto him: Graunte, þt these my two sonnes may syt, the one on thy ryght hande, and the other on the lefte, in thy kyngdome. Matthew 20:22 But Iesus answered & sayde: Ye wot not what ye aske. Are ye able to dryncke of þt cuppe that I shall drynke of: & to be baptised wt þe baptyme, þt I am baptised wt? Matthew 20:23 They saye vnto him: we are. He sayde vnto them: ye shall dryncke in dede of my cup: & be baptised wt þe baptyme that I am baptised with. But to syt on my ryght hande & on my left, is not myne to geue: but it shall chaunce vnto them, þt it is prepared for of my father. Matthew 20:24 And when þe ten heard this, they disdayned at the two brethren: Matthew 20:25 But Iesus called them vnto him, & sayde: ye knowe that the princes of the nacions haue dominion ouer them. And they that are great men, exercyse auctorite vpon them. Matthew 20:26 It shall not be so amonge you. But whosoeuer wyll be greate amonge you, let him be youre minister: Matthew 20:27 and whoso will be chefe amonge you, let him be youre seruaunt: Matthew 20:28 euen as the sonne of man cam, not to be ministred vnto, but to minister, & to geue his lyfe a redempcion for many. Matthew 20:29 And as they departed from Hiericho, moch people folowed him.

and giveth two blind men their sight.

Matthew 20:30 And beholde, two blynd men sittinge by the waysyde, when they hearde that Iesus passed by, they cried sayinge: O lord thou sonne of Dauid, haue mercy on vs. Matthew 20:31 And the people rebuked them, because they shulde holde their peace. But they cried the more sayinge: haue mercy on vs. O Lord thou sonne of Dauid. Matthew 20:32 And Iesus stode still, and called them, & sayde: what wyll ye that I shall do vnto you: Matthew 20:33 They saye vnto him: Lorde, that oure eyes maye be opened: Matthew 20:34 So Iesus had compassion on them, and touched their eyes, & immediatly their eyes receaued syght. And they folowed him.

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