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Matthew 7

Christ ending his sermon in the mount, reproveth rash judgment,

Matthew 7:1 Iudge not, that ye be not iudged. Matthew 7:2 For as ye iudge, so shall ye be iudged. And with what measure ye meate, with the same shall other men measure to you. Matthew 7:3 Why seest thou a mote in thy brothers eye, but consydrest not the beame that is in thyne awne eye? Matthew 7:4 Or how sayest thou to thy brother suffre me, I wyll plucke oute a moate out of thyne eye, and beholde, a beame is in thyne awne eye. Matthew 7:5 Thou ypocryte, fyrst cast oute the beame out of thyne awne eye, and then shalt thou se clearly to plucke out the mote oute of thy brothers eye.

forbiddeth to cast holy things to dogs,

Matthew 7:6 Geue not ye that whych hys holy vnto dogges, nether cast ye youre pearles before swyne, lest they treade them vnder their fete & the other turne against you, & al to rent you.

exhorteth to prayer,

Matthew 7:7 Aske, and it shalbe geuen you: Seke, & ye shall fynde: Knocke, and it shalbe opened vnto you. Matthew 7:8 For whosoeuer asketh, receaueth: and whosoeuer seketh, fyndeth: and to hym that knocketh, it shalbe opened. Matthew 7:9 Is there eny man amonge you, which (yf hys sonne aske bread) wyll offer him a stone? Matthew 7:10 Or yf he aske fisshe, will he profer him a serpent? Matthew 7:11 If ye then (whan ye are euell) can geue youre children good gyftes, how moch more shall your father which is in heauen, geue good thynges, yf ye aske of hym? Matthew 7:12 Therfore, whatsoeuer ye wolde þt men shulde do to you: do ye euen so to them also. For this is the lawe and the prophetes?

to enter in at the strait gate,

Matthew 7:13 Enter in at the strayte gate: for wyde is the gate, and broade is the waye that leadeth to destruccion: and many there be which go in ther at. Matthew 7:14 For straite is the gate, and narowe is the waye, which leadeth vnto lyfe, and fewe there be that finde it.

to beware of false prophets,

Matthew 7:15 Beware of false prophetes, which come to you in shepes clothynge, but in wardly they are rauenyng wolues. Matthew 7:16 Ye shall knowe them by theyr frutes. Do men gather grapes of thornes? or figges of thistles? Matthew 7:17 Eue so euery good tree bringeth forth good frutes. But a corrupte tree, bringeth forth euell frutes. Matthew 7:18 A good tre can not brynge forth bad frute: nether can a bad tree bring forth good frutes. Matthew 7:19 Euery tree þt bringeth not forth good frute, is hewen downe, and cast into þe fyre. Matthew 7:20 Wherfore, by their frutes ye shall knowe them.

not to be hearers, but doers of the Word:

Matthew 7:21 Not euery one þt sayth vnto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kyngdome of heauen: but he that doth the wyll of my father, which is in heauen. Matthew 7:22 Many wyll saye to me in þt daye: Lord, Lorde, haue we not prophecyed thorow thy name? And thorow thy name haue cast out deuyls? And done many miraracles thorow thy name? Matthew 7:23 And then wyll I knowledge vnto them. I neuer knewe you. Departe fro me, ye that worcke iniquyte.

like houses builded on a rock,

Matthew 7:24 For whosoeuer heareth of me these wordes, & doth the same, I will lyken hym vnto a wyse man, which buylt hys house vpon a rock: Matthew 7:25 and a shower of rayne descended, & the flouddes came, & the wyndes blewe, and bet vpon that house, & it fell not, because it was grounded on the rocke.

and not on the sand.

Matthew 7:26 And euery one þt heareth of me these wordes, and doth them not shalbe likened vnto a folysh man, which built his house vpon sande: Matthew 7:27 and a shower of rayne descended, and the floudes came, and the wyndes blew, and bet vpon that house, and it fell, and greate was the fall of it. Matthew 7:28 And it came to passe, that when Iesus had ended these sayinges, the people were astonnyed at hys doctryne. Matthew 7:29 For he taught them as one hauinge power, and not as the scribes.

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