Great Bible

Micah 6

God's controversy for unkindness,

Micah 6:1 Herken now what the Lord sayeth: Up, reproue the mountaynes, & lett the hylles heare thy voyce. Micah 6:2 O heare the punishement of the Lord, ye mountaynes, & ye mightie foundacions of the earth: for the Lord will reproue his people, & reason wt Israel. Micah 6:3 O my people, what haue I done vnto þe? or wherin haue I hurte the? geue me answere. Micah 6:4 Because I brought the from the lande of Egipte, and deliuered the out of þe house of bondage? Because I made Moses, Aaron and Miriam to lede þe? Micah 6:5 Remembre (O my people) what Balach þe kyng of Moab had Imagyned agaynst the and what answere that Balaam the sonne of Beor gaue him, from Sethim vnto Galgal, that ye maye knowe the louyng kyndnesses of the Lorde.

for ignorance,

Micah 6:6 What acceptable thinge shall I offre vnto the Lord? shal I bowe my knee to the hie God? Shall I come before hym with brentoffrynges, and wyth calues of a yeare olde? Micah 6:7 Hath the Lord a pleasure in many thousand rammes, or innumerable streames of oyle? Or shall I geue my fyrst borne for myne offences, & the frute of my body for the synne of my soule? Micah 6:8 I will shewe the, O man, what is good, & what the Lorde requyreth of the Namely, to do right, to haue pleasure in louinge kyndnesse, to be lowly, & to walcke wt thy God, Micah 6:9 The Lordes voyce crieth vnto þe citye, & the man þt shall be saued considerethe thy name (O Lorde) Herken what is your rodde, & here him þt warnith you?

for injustice,

Micah 6:10 Shuld I not be displeased, for þe vnrightuous good in þe houses of þe wycked, & because þe measure his mynished? Micah 6:11 Or shulde I iustifie þe false balaunces and þe bagge of disceatfull weyghtes, Micah 6:12 amonge those that be full of riches vnryghtuously gotten: where the cytesins deale with falshede, speake lyes, & haue disceatfull tunges in their mouthes? Micah 6:13 Therfore, I will take in hande to punish þe, & to make þe desolate, because of thy sinnes. Micah 6:14 Thou shalt eate, & not haue ynough: yee, þu shalt bringe thy selfe downe. Thou shalt fle, but not escape: & those that thou woldest saue, will I delyuer to the swerde. Micah 6:15 Thou shalt sowe, but not reape: þu shalt presse out oliues, but oyle shalt thou not haue to anoynte thy selfe withall: thou shalt treade out swete must, but shalt dryncke no wyne.

and for idolatry.

Micah 6:16 Ye kepe the ordinaunces of Amri, and all the customes of the house of Ahab: ye folowe their pleasures, therfore wyll I make the waste, and cause thy inhabyters to be abhorred, O my people: & thus shalt thou beare thyne awne shame.

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