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Philippians 2

He exhorteth them to unity, and to all humbleness of mind, by the example of Christ's humility and exaltation:

Philippians 2:1 If ther be therfore eny consolacyon in Christ, yf ther be eny comforte of loue, yf ther by eny fellishyppe of the sprete, yf ther be eny compassion and mercy: Philippians 2:2 full fyll ye my ioye, that ye be lyke mynded, hauinge one loue, beynge of one accorde, and of one mynde, Philippians 2:3 that nothinge be done thorowe stryfe or of vayne glory, but in mekenes of mynde, let euery man esteme another better then hym selfe. Philippians 2:4 Loke not ye euery man on hys awne thinges, but euery man on the thinges that are other mens. Philippians 2:5 Let the same mynde be in you, that was also in Christ Iesu: Philippians 2:6 which whan he was in the shape of God, thought it no robbery to be equall with God Philippians 2:7 Neuerthelesse he made hym selfe of no reputacion, takynge on hym the shape of a seruaunte, and became lyke vnto men, Philippians 2:8 and was founde in his apparell as a man. He humbled him selfe, and became obedient vnto the deeth, euen the deeth of the crosse. Philippians 2:9 Wherfore, God also hath exalted him on hye, and geuen him a name which is aboue all names: Philippians 2:10 that in the name of Iesus euery knee shulde bowe, both of thinges in heauen and thynges in erth and thynges vnder the erth, Philippians 2:11 and that all tonges shulde confesse, that Iesus Christ is the Lorde, vnto þe prayse of God the father.

to a careful proceeding in the way of salvation, that they be as lights to the wicked world,

Philippians 2:12 Wherfore (my dearly beloued) as ye haue alwayes obeyed, not when I was present onely, but nowe moche more in myne absence, euen so worcke out youre awne saluacion with feare and tremblyng. Philippians 2:13 For it is God, which worketh in you, both the wyll and also the dede, euen of good wyll. Philippians 2:14 Do all thynge with out murmuringe, & dysputynge, Philippians 2:15 that ye maye be soche as no man came complayne on: and vnfayned sonnes of God without rebuke, in the myddes of a croked and peruerse nacyon: amonge whom se that ye shyne as lyghtes in the worlde,

and comforts to him their apostle, who is now ready to be offered up to God.

Philippians 2:16 holdynge faste the worde of lyfe, that I maye reioyce in the daye of Chryst, howe that I haue not runne in vayne, nether haue laboured in vayne. Philippians 2:17 Yee and though I be offered vp vpon the offeringe & sacrifyce of youre fayth: I reioyce and reioyce with you all. Philippians 2:18 For the same cause also do ye reioyce, and reioyce with me.

He hopeth to send Timothy to them, whom he greatly commendeth,

Philippians 2:19 I trust in the Lorde Iesus, for to sende Timotheus shortly vnto you, that I also maye be of good comforte, when I knowe what case ye stande in. Philippians 2:20 For I haue no man that is so lyke mynded to me, which with so pure affeccyon wyll care for youre matters. Philippians 2:21 For all other seke theyr awne, and not the thynges which are Iesus Christes. Philippians 2:22 ye knowe the proffe of hym, howe that as a sonne with the father, so hath he with me bestowed hys seruice in the Gospell. Philippians 2:23 Hym therfore I hope to sende, assone as I knowe howe it wyll go with me. Philippians 2:24 I trust in the Lord, that I also my selfe shall come shortly.

as Epaphroditus also, whom he presently sendeth to them.

Philippians 2:25 But I supposed it necessary to sende brother Epaphroditus vnto you, my companion in laboure and felowe souldier, youre Apostell, which also ministreth vnto me at nede. Philippians 2:26 For he longed after you all, and was full of heuynes, because that ye had hearde saye, that he had bene sycke. Philippians 2:27 And no doute he was sicke, in somoch that he was nye vnto deeth. But God had mercy on him: and not on him onely, but on me also, lest I shulde haue sorowe vpon sorowe. Philippians 2:28 I sent hym therfore the more diligently: that when ye se hym, ye maye reioyce agayne, and that I maye be the lesse sorowfull. Philippians 2:29 Receaue him therfore in the Lorde with all gladnes, and make moche of soche: Philippians 2:30 because that for the worke of Chryst he went so farre, that he was nye vnto deeth, and regarded not hys lyfe: to fullfyll that, which was lackynge on youre parte to warde me.

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