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Psalms 102

The prophet in his prayer maketh a grievous complaint.

Psalms 102:1 {A prayer of the afflyct, when he hath an heuy hart, and powereth out hys complaynte before the Lorde.} Heare my prayer, O Lorde, and lett my cryenge come in vnto the. Psalms 102:2 Hyde not thy face fro me in the tyme of my trouble: enclyne thyne eares vnto me when I call, O heare me, and þt ryght soone. Psalms 102:3 For my dayes are consumed awaye lyke smoke, and my bones are brent vp, as it were a fyre brande. Psalms 102:4 My hert is smytten downe and wythered lyke grasse, so that I forget to eate my bred. Psalms 102:5 For the voyce of my gronynge, my bone wyll scarse cleue to my flesh. Psalms 102:6 I am become lyke a Pellycane of þe wildernes, and lyke an owle þt is in þe deserte. Psalms 102:7 I haue watched, & am euen as it were a sparow, that sitteth alone vpon the house toppe. Psalms 102:8 Myne enemyes reuyle me all the daye longe: & they that are madd vpon me, are sworne together agaynst me. Psalms 102:9 For I haue eaten ashes as at were bred, and mengled my drynck with wepynge. Psalms 102:10 And that because of thyne indignacyon & wrath, for thou hast taken me vp, & cast me downe. Psalms 102:11 My dayes are gone lyke a shadowe, and I am wythered lyke grasse.

He taketh comfort in the eternity and mercy of God.

Psalms 102:12 But thou, O Lord, shalt endure for euer, and thy remembraunce thorow out all generacyons. Psalms 102:13 Thou shalt aryse, & haue mercy vpon Sion, for it is tyme that thou haue mercy vpon her, yee the tyme is come. Psalms 102:14 And why: thy seruauntes thinck vpon her stones, and it pitieth them to se her in the dust. Psalms 102:15 The Heathen shall feare thy name, O Lord, & all the kynges of the earth thy maiesty. Psalms 102:16 Whan the Lord shall buylde vp Sion, and whan his glory shal apeare: Psalms 102:17 Whan he turneth him vnto the prayer of the poore destitute, & despyseth not theyr desyre.

The mercies of God are to be recorded.

Psalms 102:18 This shalbe wrytten for those that come after: & þe people which shalbe borne, shall prayse the Lord. Psalms 102:19 For he hath loked downe from his Sanctuary, out of the heauen dyd the Lorde beholde þe earth. Psalms 102:20 That he might heare the mournynges of soch as be in captiuite, and delyuer the chyldren appoynted vnto death. Psalms 102:21 That they maye declare the name of the Lorde in Sion, and his worshipe at Ierusalem: Psalms 102:22 When the people are gathered together, & þe kyngdomes also to serue the Lorde.

He sustaineth his weakness by the unchangeableness of God.

Psalms 102:23 He brought downe my strength in my iourney, and shortened my dayes. Psalms 102:24 But I sayed: O my God, take me not awaye in the myddest of myne age: as for thy yeares, they endure thorow out all generacions. Psalms 102:25 Thou Lorde in the begynnyng hast layed the foundacyon of the earth, and the heauens are the worcke of thy handes. Psalms 102:26 They shall perishe, but thou shalt endure: they all shall wexe olde as doth a garment, Psalms 102:27 and as a vesture shalt thou chaunge them, and they shalbe chaunged. But thou art þe same, and thy yeares shall not fayle. Psalms 102:28 The children of thy seruauntes shall contynue, & their sede shall stonde fast in thy syght.

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