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Psalms 118

An exhortation to praise God for his mercy.

Psalms 118:1 O geue thanckes vnto the Lorde, for he hys gracious, because hys mercy endureth for euer. Psalms 118:2 Let Israel now confesse, þt his mercy endureth for euer. Psalms 118:3 Let the house of Aaron now confesse, þt his mercy endureth for euer. Psalms 118:4 Yee let them now that feare the Lord confesse, that his mercy endureth for euer.

The psalmist by his experience sheweth how good it is to trust in God.

Psalms 118:5 I called vpon the Lord in trouble, and the Lord herd me at large. Psalms 118:6 The Lord is on my syde, I wyll not feare what man doeth vnto me. Psalms 118:7 The Lorde taketh my parte wt them that help me: therfore shall I se my desyre vpon myne enemyes. Psalms 118:8 It is better to trust in the Lord, then to put eny confydence in man. Psalms 118:9 It is better to trust in the Lorde, then to put eny confydence in prynces. Psalms 118:10 All nacions compased me rounde about, but in þe name of þe Lorde will I destroy them. Psalms 118:11 They kept me in on euery syde, they kept me in (I saye) on euery syde, but in the name of the Lorde, I wyll destroye them. Psalms 118:12 They came aboute me lyke bees, and are extincte, euen as the fyre amonge the thornes, for in the name of the Lorde I wyl destroye them. Psalms 118:13 Thou hast thrust sore at me, that I myght fall, but the Lorde was my helpe. Psalms 118:14 The Lorde is my strength, & my songe, and is become my saluacion. Psalms 118:15 The voyce of ioye and health is in þe dwellynges of the ryghteous: the ryght hande of the Lorde bryngeth myghtye thynges to passe. Psalms 118:16 The ryght hande of the Lorde hath þe preeminence, the ryght hande of the Lorde bryngeth mightie thynges to passe. Psalms 118:17 I wyll not dye, but lyue, and declare the workes of the Lorde. Psalms 118:18 The Lorde hath chastened & correcte me, but he hath not geuen me ouer vnto death.

Under the type of the psalmist the coming of Christ in his Kingdom is expressed.

Psalms 118:19 Open me the gates of righteousnes, that I may go into them, & geue thankes vnto þe Lorde. Psalms 118:20 Thys is the gate of the Lorde, the ryghteous shal entre into it. Psalms 118:21 I wyl thanke the, for thou hast herde me, and arte become my saluacion. Psalms 118:22 The same stone whyche the buylders refused, is become the heade stone in the corner. Psalms 118:23 Thys was the Lordes doynge, and it is maruelous in oure eyes. Psalms 118:24 Thys is the daye, whych the Lorde hath made, we wyll reioyse and be glad in it. Psalms 118:25 Helpe now O Lorde, o Lorde, sende vs nowe prosperitie. Psalms 118:26 Blessed be he that commeth in the name of the Lorde, we haue wyshed you good lucke, ye that be of þe house of the Lorde. Psalms 118:27 God is the Lorde, Whyche hath shewed vs lyght: bynde þe sacrifice with coardes, yee euen vnto the hornes of þe aulter Psalms 118:28 Thou arte my God, and I wyll thanke the: thou arte my God and I wyl prayse the. Psalms 118:29 O geue thankes vnto the Lorde, for he is gracious and hys mercye endureth for euer.

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