Great Bible

Psalms 139

David praiseth God for his allseeing providence,

Psalms 139:1 {To the chaunter, a psalme of Dauid.} O lorde, thou hast searched me out, and knowen me. Psalms 139:2 Thou knowest my downe syttinge and myne vprysing: thou vnderstandest my thoughtes longe before. Psalms 139:3 Thou art about my path, and about my bedd: & spyest out all my wayes. Psalms 139:4 For lo, there is not a worde in my tonge, but þu, O Lorde knowest it all together. Psalms 139:5 Thou hast fassyoned me behynde and before, and layed thyne hande vpon me. Psalms 139:6 Soch knowledge is to wonderfull & excellent for me: I can not attayne vnto it. Psalms 139:7 Whyther shall I go then from thy sprete? or whither shall I go then from thy presence? Psalms 139:8 If I clyme vp into heauen, thou art ther: yf I go downe to hell thou, art there also. Psalms 139:9 If I take the wynges of the mornynge, & remayne in the vttermost partes of the see. Psalms 139:10 Euen ther also shall thy hande lead me: and thy right hande shall holde me Psalms 139:11 If I saye: paraduenture the darcknesse shall couer me, then shall my nyght be turned to daye. Psalms 139:12 Yee, the darcknes is no darcknes with the: but the night is all cleare as the daye, the darcknes & lyght (to the) are both a lyke. Psalms 139:13 For my reynes are thyne, thou hast couered me in my mothers wombe. Psalms 139:14 I will geue thankes vnto the: for I am fearfully & wonderously made: maruelous are thy workes, & þt my soule knoweth right well. Psalms 139:15 My bones are not hyd from þe, though I be made secretly and fasshioned beneth in the earth. Psalms 139:16 Thyne eyes dyd se my substaunce, yet being vnparfect: & in thy boke were all my membres written. Which daye by daye were fashyoned, when as yet there was none of them.

and for his infinite mercies.

Psalms 139:17 Howe deare are thy councels vnto me, O God? O howe great is the summe of them? Psalms 139:18 If I tell them, they are mo in nombre then the sande: when I wake vp, I am present wt the.

He defieth the wicked.

Psalms 139:19 Wylt þu not slaye the wicked, O God? departe from me ye bloude thirsty men. Psalms 139:20 For they speake vnrighteously agaynst the: & thyne enemies take thy name in rayne. Psalms 139:21 Do not I hate them, O Lorde, þt hate the? & am not I greued with those that ryse vp agaynst the? Psalms 139:22 Yee, I hate them ryght sore, euen as though they were myne enemyes.

He prayeth for sincerety.

Psalms 139:23 Trye me, O God, and seke the grounde of myne hert: proue me and examen my thoughtes. Psalms 139:24 Loke well yf there be any waye of wyckednes in me, and leade me in the waye euerlastynge.

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