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Psalms 31

David shewing his confidence in God craveth his help.

Psalms 31:1 {To the chaunter a Psalme of Dauid.} In the, O Lord, haue I put my trust: let me neuer be put to confusyon: delyuer me in thy ryghteousnesse. Psalms 31:2 Bowe downe thine eare to me, make haste to delyuer me. Psalms 31:3 And be thou my stronge rocke, and a house of defence, that thou mayest saue me. Psalms 31:4 For þu art my stronge rocke, & my castell: Be thou also my guyde, & leade me for thy names sake. Psalms 31:5 Drawe me out of the nett that they haue layed priuely for me, for thou art my strength. Psalms 31:6 Into thy handes I commende my sprete: For thou hast redemed me, O Lorde thou God of treuth.

He rejoiceth in his mercy.

Psalms 31:7 I haue hated them that holde of supersticious vanityes, & my trust hath bene in þe Lorde. Psalms 31:8 I wyll be glad and reioyse in thy mercy: for thou hast consydred my trouble, & hast knowne my soule in aduersytees.

He prayeth in his calamity.

Psalms 31:9 Thou hast not shut me vp in to the hande of the enemye, but hast set my fete in a large rowme. Psalms 31:10 Haue mercy vpon me, O Lorde, for I am in trouble, & myne eye is consumed for very heuynesse, yee my soule & my body. Psalms 31:11 For my lyfe is waxen olde with heuynesse, & my yeares with mournynge. Psalms 31:12 My strength fayleth me because of myne iniquite, and my bones are corrupte. Psalms 31:13 I became a reprofe amonge all myne enemyes, but specially amonge my neyghbours, and they of myne acquayntaunce were afrayed of me: & they that dyd se me without, conueyed them selues fro me. Psalms 31:14 I am cleane forgotten, as a deed man oute of mynde: I am be come lyke a broken vessell. Psalms 31:15 For I haue herde þe blasphemy of the multitude: and feare is on euerye syde whyle they conspire together agaynst me, & take ther counsell to take awaye my lyfe. Psalms 31:16 But my hope hath bene in the, O Lorde, I haue sayde: thou art my God. Psalms 31:17 My tyme is in thy hande: delyuer me from the hande of myne enemyes, and from them that persecute me. Psalms 31:18 Shewe thy seruaunt the light of thy countenaunce, and saue me for thy mercyes sake.

He praiseth God for his goodness.

Psalms 31:19 Let me not be confounded, O Lorde, for I haue called vpon the: let the vngodly be put to confusion, and be put to sylence in the graue. Psalms 31:20 Let the lyenge lyppes be put to sylence, which cruelly, disdainfully, & despitefully, speake against the ryghteous. Psalms 31:21 O howe plentyfull is thy goodnesse, which thou hast layed vp, for them þt feare the? and that thou hast prepared for them, þe put their trust in the, euen before the sonnes of men? Psalms 31:22 Thou shalt hyde them priuely by thine awne presence from þe prouokinges of all men: þu shalt kepe them secretly in thy tabernacle, from the stryfe of tonges. Psalms 31:23 Thankes be to the Lorde, for he hath shewed me maruelous greate kyndnesse in a stronge citie. And when I made hast, I sayde: I am cast out of thy syght. Psalms 31:24 Neuertheles, thou herdest the voyce of my prayer, when I cryed vnto the. O loue the Lorde, all ye his saintes, for þe Lorde preserueth them that are faythfull, and plenteously rewardeth he the proude doer. Be stronge, & he shall stablyshe youre hart, all ye that put your trust in the Lorde.

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