Great Bible

Psalms 45

The majesty and grace of Christ's Kingdom.

Psalms 45:1 {To hym that excelleth amonge the lylies, an instruccion of the chyldren of Corah, a songe of loue.} Mi hert is endytyng of a good matter I speake of the thynges, whych I haue made vnto the kyng: Psalms 45:2 My tong is the penne of a ready wryter. Psalms 45:3 Thou art fayrer then the chyldren of men, full of grace are thy lyppes, because God hath blessed the for euer. Psalms 45:4 Gyrde the wt thy swerde vpon thy thygh (O thou most myghtye) accordyng to thy worshipe & renowne. Psalms 45:5 Good lucke haue thou wt thine honour, ryde on because of the word of treuth, of mekenesse & righteousnes: and thy ryght hande shall teach the terrible thynges. Psalms 45:6 Thy arowes are very sharpe, & the people shalbe subdued vnto the, euen in the myddest amonge the kynges enemyes. Psalms 45:7 Thy seate (O God) endureth for euer: the scepter of thy kyngdome is a ryght scepter: Psalms 45:8 Thou hast loued ryghteousnesse, and hated iniquite: wherfore God (euen thy God) hath anoynted the wyth the oyle of gladnes aboue thy felowes. Psalms 45:9 All thy garmentes smell of myrre, Aloes and Cassia, out of the yuerye palaces, wher by they haue made the glad.

The duty of the Church, and the benefits thereof.

Psalms 45:10 Kynges daughters were among thy honorable wemen: vpon thy ryght hande dyd stande þe quene in a vesture of gold. Psalms 45:11 Herken (O daughter) and consydre: enclyne thyne eare: forget also thine awne people, & thy fathers house. Psalms 45:12 So shall the kyng haue pleasure in thy bewtye, for he is thy Lorde & worshype thou hym. Psalms 45:13 And þe daughter of Tire shall be there wt a gyfte, lyke as the ryche also amonge the people shall make theyr supplicacyon before the. Psalms 45:14 The kynges daughter is all gloryous wythin, her clothyng is of wrought golde. Psalms 45:15 She shalbe brought vnto the king in rayment of nedle worke: the virgins þt be hyr felowes, shall beare hir company, and shalbe brought vnto the. Psalms 45:16 Wyth ioye & gladnesse shall they be brought, & shall entre into the kynges palace. Psalms 45:17 In steade of thy fathers þu shalt haue chyldren, whom thou mayest make prynces in all lande. I wyll remembre thy name from one generacyon to another: therfore shall the people geue thankes vnto the, worlde wythout ende.

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