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Psalms 55

David in his prayer complaineth of his fearful case.

Psalms 55:1 {To the chaunter in melodyes, an instruccyon of Dauid.} Heare my prayer (O God) and hide not thy selfe fro my peticion. Take hede vnto me, and heare me, how I mourne in my prayer, & am vexed. Psalms 55:2 The enemy cryeth so, and the vngodly cometh on so fast: for they are mynded to do me some mischefe, so maliciously are they sett agaynst me. Psalms 55:3 My herte is dysquyeted within me, and the feare of death is fallen vpon me. Psalms 55:4 Fearfulnes and trembling are come vpon me, and an horryble drede hath ouerwhelmed me. Psalms 55:5 And I sayd: O that I had winges like a doue, for then wold I flie awaye, and be at reste. Psalms 55:6 Lo, then wolde I gett me awaye farre of, and remayne in the wildernes. Sela. Psalms 55:7 I wolde make hast to escape, because of the stormy wynd and tempeste. Psalms 55:8 Destroye theyr tonges (O Lorde) and deuide them, for I haue spyed vnrighteousnes and stryfe in the cyte.

He prayeth against his enemies, of whose wickedness and treachery he complaineth.

Psalms 55:9 Daye and night go they about within the walles therof: myschefe also, and sorow are in the myddest of it. Psalms 55:10 Wyckednes is therin, dysceate, and gyle go not out of her stretes. Psalms 55:11 For it is not an open enemye that hath done me thys dishonoure: for then I coulde haue borne it: nether was it myne aduersary, that did magnifye hym selfe agaynst me: for then I wolde haue hyd my selfe from hym. Psalms 55:12 But it was euen thou my companion: my gyde, and myne awne familyer frende. Psalms 55:13 We toke swete councell together, & walked in the house of God as frendes. Psalms 55:14 Lett death come hastely vpon them, and let them go downe quyck into hell, for wyckednes is in theyr dwellynges, and amonge them. Psalms 55:15 As for me, I will call vnto God, and the Lorde shall saue me.

He comforteth himself in God's preservation of him, and confusion of his enemies.

Psalms 55:16 In the euening, and mornynge and at noone daye wyll I praye, (and that instantly) and he shall heare my voyce. Psalms 55:17 It is he þt hath delyuered my soule in peace, from the batayll that was agaynst me: for there were many with me. Psalms 55:18 Yee, euen God that endureth for euer, shall heare me, and bryng them downe. Sela. For they wyll not turne, ner feare God. Psalms 55:19 He layed hys handes vpon soch as be at peace wt hym, and he brake hys couenaunt. Psalms 55:20 The wordes of hys mouth were softer then butter, hauynge warre in his hert: hys wordes were smother then oyle, and yet be they very sweardes. Psalms 55:21 O cast thy burthen, vpon the Lorde and he shall norysh the, and not suffre the ryghteous to fall for euer. Psalms 55:22 And as for them, thou (O God) shalt brynge them into the pyt of destruccyon. Psalms 55:23 The bloude thrusty and disceatful men shall not lyue out halfe theyr dayes. Neuerthelesse, my trust shalbe in the.

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