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Psalms 73

The prophet, prevailing in a temptation,

Psalms 73:1 {A Psalme of Asaph.} Truly God is louing vnto Israel: euen vnto soch as are of a cleane hert?

sheweth the occasion thereof, the prosperity of the wicked:

Psalms 73:2 Neuerthelesse, my fete were almost gone, my treadinges had well nye slypte. Psalms 73:3 And why I was greued at þe wicked, I do se also the vngodly in soch prosperite. Psalms 73:4 For they are in no parell of death, but are lusty and strong. Psalms 73:5 They come in no misfortune like other folke, nether are they plaged like other men. Psalms 73:6 And this is the cause þe they be so holden with pride, and ouerwhelmed with cruelte. Psalms 73:7 Their eyes swell for fatnesse, and they do euen what they lyst. Psalms 73:8 They corrupte other, & speake of wicked blasphemye: theyr talkynge is agaynst the most hiest. Psalms 73:9 For they stretch forth theyr mouth vnto the heauen, & theyr tonge goeth thorow the world. Psalms 73:10 Therfore fall the people vnto them, and there out sucke they no small aduauntage. Psalms 73:11 Tush (saye they) how shuld God perceaue it? is there knowlege in the moost hyest? Psalms 73:12 Lo, these are the vngodly, these prospere in the worlde, and these haue ryches in possessyon

the wound given thereby, diffidence.

Psalms 73:13 Then haue I clensed my herte in vayne and washed my handes in innocency? Psalms 73:14 All the daye long haue I bene punished, and chastened euery mornynge.

The victory over it, knowledge of God's purpose, in destroying of the wicked, and sustaining the righteous.

Psalms 73:15 Yee, and I had almost sayde euen as they: but lo, then shuld I haue condemned the generacyon of thy chyldren. Psalms 73:16 Then thought I to vnderstand this, but it was to harde for me. Psalms 73:17 Untill I wente into the Sanctuary of God, then vnderderstode I the ende of these men. Psalms 73:18 Namely, how thou dost sett them in slyppery places, and castest them downe and destroyest them. Psalms 73:19 O how sodenly do they consume, perysh, and come to a fearfull ende? Psalms 73:20 Yee, euen like as a dreame when one a waketh, so shalt thou make theyr ymage to vanysh out of the cyte. Psalms 73:21 Thus my hert was greued, and it wente euen thorow my reynes. Psalms 73:22 So folysh was I and ignoraunt, euen as it were a beast before the. Psalms 73:23 Neuerthelesse, I am all waye by the, for þu hast holden me by my right hande. Psalms 73:24 Thou shalt gyde me with thy councell, and afterwarde receaue me with glory. Psalms 73:25 Whom haue I in heauen but þe? And there is none vpon earth, that I desyre in comparyson of the. Psalms 73:26 My fleashe and my hert fayleth, but God is the strength of my hert, and my porcyon for euer. Psalms 73:27 For lo, they that forsake the shall perysh: thou hast destroyed all them that commytte fornicacyon agaynst the. Psalms 73:28 But it is good for me, to holde me fast by God, to put my trust in the Lorde God, and to speake of all thy workes.

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