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Psalms 79

The psalmist complaineth of the desolation of Jerusalem.

Psalms 79:1 {A Psalme of Asaph.} O God the Heathen are come into thy inheritaunce: thy holy temple haue they defyled, and made Ierusalem an heape of stones. Psalms 79:2 The deed bodyes of thy seruauntes haue they geuen to be meate, vnto the foules of the ayre, and the flesh of thy saynctes vnto the beastes of the lande. Psalms 79:3 Their bloud haue they shed lyke water on euery syde of Ierusalem, and there was no man to burye them. Psalms 79:4 We are become an open shame vnto oure enemies, a very scorne and derysyon vnto them that are rounde aboute us. Psalms 79:5 Lorde, how longe wylt thou be angrye? shall thy gelousy burne lyke fyre for euer? Psalms 79:6 Poure out thyne indignacion vpon the Heathen that haue not knowne þe, and vpon the kyngdome that haue not called vpon thy name. Psalms 79:7 For they haue deuoured Iacob, and layed waste his dwellinge place.

He prayeth for deliverance,

Psalms 79:8 O remembre not oure olde synnes, but haue mercy vpon vs, and that soone, for we are come to greate misery. Psalms 79:9 Helpe vs, O God of oure saluacion, for the glory of thy name: O delyuer vs, and be mercyfull vnto oure synnes for thy names sake. Psalms 79:10 Wherfore do the Heathen saye: where is now their God? Psalms 79:11 O let the vengeaunce of thy seruauntes bloude þt is shed, be openly shewed vpon the Heathen in oure syght. Psalms 79:12 O let the sorowfull syghyng of the presoners come before the: accordyng vnto the greatnesse of thy power, preserue thou those that are appoynted to dye.

and promiseth thankfulness.

Psalms 79:13 And for the blasphemy (wherwith oure neyghbours haue blasphemed the) rewarde thou them, O Lorde, seuen folde into their bosome. So we, that be thy people and shepe of thy pasture, shall geue the thanckes for euer, and wyl alwaye be shewynge forth thy prayse from generacion to generacion.

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