Great Bible

Psalms 9

David praiseth God for executing of judgment.

Psalms 9:1 {To hym that excelleth vpon Almuth Labben, a Psalme of Dauid.} I Wyll geue thankes vnto þe, O Lorde wyth my whole herte, I wyll speake of all thy maruelous worckes. Psalms 9:2 I wyll be glad, and reioyse in the, yee my songes will I make of thy name, O thou moost hyest. Psalms 9:3 Whyle myne enemyes are dryuen backe, they shall fall, & perysh at thy presence. Psalms 9:4 For thou hast mayntened my ryght & my cause: thou art sett in the throne that iudgest ryght. Psalms 9:5 Thou hast rebuked þe Heythen, & destroyed the vngodly, thou hast put out their name for euer & euer. Psalms 9:6 O thou enemye: destruccyons are come to a perpetuall ende: euen as the cities which thou hast destroyed: their memoriall is perished with them. Psalms 9:7 But the Lorde shall endure for euer, he hath also prepared his seate for iudgement: Psalms 9:8 For he shall iudge the world in ryghteousnes, and minister true iudgement vnto the people. Psalms 9:9 The Lorde also wylbe a defence for the oppressed euen a refuge in due tyme of trouble. Psalms 9:10 And they þt knowe thy name, wyll put their trust in the: for thou (Lorde) hast neuer fayled them, that seke the.

He inciteth others to praise him.

Psalms 9:11 O prayse the Lord, which dwelleth in Syon, shewe the people of hys doinges. Psalms 9:12 For when he maketh inquisycion for bloude, he remembreth them: & forgetteth not the complaynte of the poore.

He prayeth that he may have cause to praise him.

Psalms 9:13 Haue mercy vpon me (O Lorde) consydre the trouble whych I suffre of them that hate me, thou that lyftest me vp from the gates of death. Psalms 9:14 That I maye shewe all thy prayses wyth in the portes of the daughter of Syon, I wyll reioyse in thy saluacyon. Psalms 9:15 The Heithen are suncken downe in the pytte that they made: in the same nett which they hydd pryuely, is their awne foote taken. Psalms 9:16 The Lorde is knowen to execute iudgement: the vngodly is trapped in the worcke of his awne handes: A consyderacyon Sela. Psalms 9:17 The wycked shall be turned vnto hell, & all people that forget God: Psalms 9:18 For the poore shall not be all waye forgotten, the pacient abydynge of the meke shall not peryshe for euer. Psalms 9:19 Up Lorde, and let not man haue the vpper hande, let the Heythen be iudged in thy syght. Psalms 9:20 Put them in feare (O Lorde) that the Heythen maye knowe them selues to be but men. Sela.

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