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Revelation 19

God is praised in heaven for judging the great whore, and avenging the blood of his saints.

Revelation 19:1 And after that, I herde a greate voyce of moch people in heauen saying: Alleluia. Saluacion & glory & honour & power be ascribed to þe Lorde our God, Revelation 19:2 for true and ryghteous are his iudgementes, for he hath iudged the gret whore which dyd corrupt the erth wt her fornicacion, & hath auenged the bloud of his seruauntes of hyr hande. Revelation 19:3 And agayn they said: Alleluia. And smoke rose vp for euermore. Revelation 19:4 And þe .xxiiii. elders, & þe .iiii. bestes fell downe, & worshipped God that sate on þe seate, saying: Amen, Alleluia. Revelation 19:5 And a voyce came out of the seat, sayinge: praise our Lord God all ye þt are his seruauntes, & ye þt feare hym both small and great. Revelation 19:6 And I herde þe voyce of moche people euen as the voyce of many waters, & as the voyce of strong thondrynges sayinge: Alleluia, for the Lord our God omnipotent raygneth.

The marriage of the Lamb.

Revelation 19:7 Let vs be glad and reioyce, & geue honoure to him, for the mariage of the lambe is come, and hys wyfe made her selfe ready. Revelation 19:8 And to her was graunted, that she shuld be arayed with pure and goodly raynes. For the raynes is the rightewesnes of sainctes. Revelation 19:9 And he sayd vnto me, wryte, happy are they whiche are called vnto þe supper of þe lambes mariage. And he sayd vnto me: these are þe true sayinges of God.

The angel will not be worshipped.

Revelation 19:10 And I fell at his fete, to worshippe him. And he sayde vnto me: se þu do it not. For I am thy felow seruaunt, & one of thy brethren, euen of them þt haue the testimony of Iesus. Worshyppe God. For the testimony of Iesus is þe sprete of prophesy. Revelation 19:11 And I sawe heauen open, & behold, a whyte horsse: & he þt sat vpon him was called faythfull & true, & in rightewesnes he doth iudge & make battayle. Revelation 19:12 His eyes were as a flamme of fyre: & on his heed were many crownes: & he had a name wrytten, that noman knew but he hym selfe. Revelation 19:13 And he was clothed wyth a vesture dipt in bloude, & his name is called þe worde of God. Revelation 19:14 And the warriers which were in heauen, folowed him vpon whyte horsses, clothed wyth whyte & pure raynes: Revelation 19:15 and out of hys mouthe wente a sharpe two edged swerde, that wyth it he shulde smyte the hethen. And he shall rule them wyth a rodde of yron, and he trode þe wynefat of fearsnes and wrath of almyghty God. Revelation 19:16 And hath on hys vesture and on his thygh a name wrytten: Kyng of Kynges, and Lorde of Lordes.

The fowls called to the great slaughter.

Revelation 19:17 And I sawe an Angell stande in the sonne, and he cryed with a loude voyce, sayinge: to all the fowles that flye by the middes of heauen: come and gather youre selues to gether vnto þe supper of þe great God, Revelation 19:18 that ye maye eate fleshe of kynges, and the fleshe of hye captaynes, and the fleshe of myghty men, & the fleshe of horsses, and of them that syt on them, and the flesh of all free men and bonde men and of small and gret. Revelation 19:19 And I sawe the beast, and the kynges of the earth, and their warriers gathered together to make batayle agaynst hym that sat on the horsse, and agaynst his soudiers. Revelation 19:20 And the beast was taken, & with hym that false prophet that wrought miracles before hym, with whych he deceaued them that receaued the beastes marke, & them that worshypped hys ymage. These both were cast quicke into a ponde of fyre burnynge wyth brymstone: Revelation 19:21 & the remnaunt were slayne wt the swearde of hym þt sat vpon the horsse, whych swearde proceaded out of his mouth, & all þe soules were fulfylled wyth theyr fleshe.

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