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Romans 7

No law hath power over a man longer than he liveth.

Romans 7:1 Knowe ye not brethren (I speake to them that knowe the lawe) how that the lawe hath power ouer a man, as longe as it endureth. Romans 7:2 For the woman whych is in subiecyon to a man, is bounde by the lawe to the man, as longe as he lyueth. But yf the man be deed, she is loosed from the lawe of þe man, Romans 7:3 So then yf whyle þe man lyueth she couple her selfe with another man, she shalbe counted a wedlocke breaker. But yf the man be deed, she is fre from the lawe of the husband, so that she is no wedlocke breaker, though she couple her selfe with another man.

But we are dead to the Law.

Romans 7:4 Euen so ye also (my brethren) are deed concernynge þe lawe by the body of Chryst, that ye shulde be coupled to another (I meane to him that is rysen agayne from deeth) that we shuld brynge forth frute vnto God. Romans 7:5 For when we were in þe flesshe, þe lustes of synne whych were stered vp by the lawe, raygned in oure members, to brynge forth frute vnto deeth. Romans 7:6 But now are we delyuered from the lawe, and deed vnto it wher vnto we were in bondage, that we shuld serue in a new conuersacyon of the sprete, and not in the olde conuersacyon of the letter.

Yet is not the Law sin,

Romans 7:7 What shall we saye then? is the lawe synne? God forbyd: neuertheles I knew not synne, but by the lawe. For I had not knowne what lust had meant, excepte the lawe had sayd, þu shalt not lust. Romans 7:8 But synne toke an occasyon by the meanes of the commaundement and wrought in me all manner of concupiscence. For verely without þe lawe, synne was deed. Romans 7:9 I once lyued wythout lawe. But when the commaundement came, synne reuiued, and I was deed. Romans 7:10 And the very same commaundement, whych was ordeyned vnto lyfe, was founde to be vnto me an occasyon of deeth. Romans 7:11 For synne toke occasyon by the meanes of the commaundement, and so disceaued me, & by þe same slewe me.

but holy, just, good,

Romans 7:12 Wherfore the lawe is holy, and the commaundement holy, and iust and good. Romans 7:13 Was þt then which was good, made deeth vnto me? God forbyd. Naye it was synne: þt sinne might appeare (by it which was good) to worke deeth in me: that synne by the commaundement myght be out of measure synfull. Romans 7:14 For we knowe, þt the lawe is spirituall: but I am carnall solde vnder synne, Romans 7:15 because I alowe not þt whych I do. For what I wold, þt do I not: but what I hate, that do I.

as I acknowledge, who am grieved because I cannot keep it.

Romans 7:16 If I do now that whych I wolde not, I consente vnto the lawe that it is good. Romans 7:17 So then now, it is not I þt do it, but synne that dwelleth in me. Romans 7:18 For I knowe, that in me (that is to saye in my flesshe) dwelleth no good thinge. For, to wyll is present with me: but I fynde no meanes to performe that whych is good. Romans 7:19 For the good that I wolde, do I not: but the euyll whych I wolde not, that do I. Romans 7:20 Yf I do that I wolde not, then is it not I that do it, but synne that dwelleth in me. Romans 7:21 I fynde then by the lawe, that when I wolde do good, euyll is present wyth me. Romans 7:22 For I delyte in the lawe of God, after the inward man. Romans 7:23 But I se another lawe in my membres, rebellynge agaynst the lawe of my mynde, and subduynge me vnto the lawe of synne, whych is in my members. Romans 7:24 O wretched man that I am: who shall delyuer me from thys body subdued vnto deeth? Romans 7:25 I thanke God thorow Iesus Christ oure Lorde. So then, wyth the mynde I serue the lawe of God, but wyth the flesshe the lawe of synne.

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